Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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Speak Your MindFault finders

Fault finders

Some people take pleasure in finding flaws in everything and everyone. It gives them the sense that they have accomplished something. They find satisfaction in demonstrating to others that they are unfit for purpose by looking for a thousand reasons why something cannot be accomplished successfully.

Fault-finders are difficult to persuade.

People who find fault in others, like the Amharic proverb “awko yetegan bikessekessut ayssemam,” loosely translated as “the one who pretends to sleep cannot be easily awakened,” are people who are pretending to sleep, fully aware that any attempt to awaken them is futile.

If you asked me what they gain from putting people down, I couldn’t tell you. However, I believe that these people see this as an opportunity to elevate themselves in the eyes of others. They want to give the impression that they are smarter than you.

Fault finders are people who are difficult to socialize or work with.

They are usually the chronic gossipers in a social setting. They gossip about you to others and about others to you. For me, gossip is saying things about someone who is not present that you would not say if they were present.

In the workplace, fault-finders make it difficult for others to impose a decision, constantly pointing out the million ways that a decision will fail.

Unless you ignore them and make the decision, you will either have no decision or a decision that you believe will satisfy them, which will never do. They are characterized by their chronic inability to solve the flaws that they discover in others.

“So, how would you solve such and such a fault you are observing in a certain individual?” you might ask a fault finder.

They frequently do not have an answer. And even if they do have an answer, I can assure you that they are not capable of implementing the solution they are proposing to fix someone else’s problem.

They like to propose solutions that appear to be just a fingertip away and dislike imagining themselves in the shoes of those at whom they are pointing their fingers and attempting to comprehend the complexities of others’ situations.

It is easy for them to find flaws, but it is also easy for them to throw out solutions—solutions that they cannot implement themselves.

Never listen to nitpickers!

The current peace agreement is very welcome, and we should all pray and work together to make it a reality. Our country has suffered far too much for naught!

But I’m curious: who has benefited from the two-year war?

What saddens me is that there are still people out there looking for flaws—a million reasons why the agreement will not achieve its intended goal.

It saddens me that, after all the sacrifices we’ve made to earn nothing, after all the losses we’ve endured to get to where we are now, there are still people looking for a million ways to sever the sliver of hope.

Let us stop looking for flaws and instead focus on the million ways that this agreement will finally get us out of the mess we’re in as a country!

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