Sunday, December 4, 2022
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SportClubs receives broadcast fee

Clubs receives broadcast fee

The Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) share company disbursed over 33 million birr to clubs competing in the league this year.

After completing the first five match weeks in Bahir Dar City, the league received the sum as payment for the television rights.

“The 16 clubs in the league have been paid 2.1 million birr each,” EPL SC manager Kifle Seife told The Reporter.

The league company, which signed an agreement with DSTV three years ago, will pay the clubs’ membership fees from the proceeds of the sale of television rights and advertisements.

Aside from that, it will pay the best players of the year, coaches, referees, and stadiums that hosted the tournament, according to their level.

In terms of payment, the league company stated that 60 percent of the money received from sponsors is divided equally among the participating clubs, 25 percent is based on results, and the remaining 15 percent is for office work.

However, because some clubs are experiencing financial difficulties, the league company has previously stated that payments will only be made upon the submission of an accurate financial report.

The lack of revenue streams for clubs has long been a barrier to the sport’s growth.

Clubs, which frequently face financial constraints, have complained that the current league format is costing them more.

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