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SportWorld Cup’s Fan Fest

World Cup’s Fan Fest

Millions of footballs fans rush to purchase the few available tickets as soon as possible when FIFA, the organization that governs football, announces that ticket sales are now open.

There were more than two million tickets available for purchase with less than 100 days until the start of the opening match, giving fans the chance to attend one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the World Cup. There were 2.46 million tickets sold.

The first FIFA World Cup was played in the Middle East, and sports fans flocked to the area to witness the spectacle.

Other than the host nation, the United States, England, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany have topped the list for ticket sales by nation of origin.

That does not imply that all fans attend every game in the stadium, though.

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While the World Cup is being held in the city, some football fans prefer to attend fan fests called “public viewing events.”

The first FIFA Fan Festival was held during the 2002 World Cup in South Korea. Since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, it has gained popularity and grown to be a crucial component of the competition.

Fan festivals take place in famous spots in the host cities and include live concerts, parties, food, drink, broadcasts of football games on big screens, and other events and entertainment.

There have been numerous fan festivals since the 2006 German World Cup, and millions of people have attended them in different host nations.

The Nuremberg authorities’ attempt to keep the city center primarily “fan-free” failed because many football fans preferred to stay in the charming city center, where the well-attended Fan Fests were held.

Surveys conducted at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Fan Fests in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, 28 percent of attendees traveled more than 100 km to the event, up to 84 percent gathered with friends, and roughly 21 percent of foreign visitors interviewed there came to Germany to watch the World Cup without tickets to the event.

Media coverage of the events reportedly had an additional positive effect, as pictures of fans jubilating in front of enormous screens attracted more tourists from nearby European nations who impulsively decided to join the celebrations.

FIFA says it organizes official fan festivals, owns the trademark, and grants licenses for additional fan events and public viewing formats. It introduced a licensing model in 2022, allowing partners to start regional fan festivals strictly in accordance with FIFA regulation. It also permits the establishment of unofficial commercial and non-commercial public viewing areas.

Apart from that, FIFA-affiliated bodies allocate the proceeds raised through the licensing of private public viewing areas to a number of social development programs.

2022 FIFA World Cup Fan Festival in Qatar

A true football festival will take place over the course of 29 days, bringing together football, music, culture, and lifestyle for fans from around the world. The festival takes place in the heart of Doha, at Al Bidda Park.

The venue is situated halfway between the West Bay neighborhood and the Souq Waqif market. It can be reached on foot along the Corniche or by using the metro stations at the White Palace, Al Bidda, and Corniche.

From November 19 to December 18, the FIFA Fan Festival is free to all visitors and open every day of the competition.

FIFA previously claimed that the FIFA Fan Festival offered a variety of other entertainment highlights, making it the place for fans to be outside of the stadiums, and that numerous transportation options are available to get people from the stadiums to the FIFA Fan Festival and vice versa.

Fans can enjoy performances by top international music acts as well as local artists, a food court with one-of-a-kind culinary experiences ranging from local cuisine to international delicacies, in addition to watching all 64 FIFA World Cup matches in an energetic environment.

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