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SocietyJodahi, an Ethiopian climate activist, speaks up for the future

Jodahi, an Ethiopian climate activist, speaks up for the future

Jodahi Bezabih, 25, became interested in environmental science throughout his undergraduate study in applied biology. When he became aware of climate change and its impact on the environment, he began to study environmental issues. He had no idea if that road would lead to a career, but he was aware that the situation had caused an environmental imbalance that typically devastates developing nations.

Volunteering at numerous environmental organizations and institutes, such as the Ministry of Environment, enhanced Jodahi’s knowledge of the topic and propelled him deeper into the sector. He quickly recognized that he would continue working on it whether or not it generated income.

During his internship at the Ministry, he was given the opportunity to travel to Germany as a representative of Ethiopian youth, where he witnessed personally how severe the issue of climate change is. This is where he developed a deeper understanding of the devastating effects of climate change on humanity.

First, according to Jodahi, he understood that people have to think they could address the problem of climate change and that they could do something to combat it. He also observed that there was an absence of representation for African-American youth and youth in general. “I didn’t feel like the rest of the world had a representation of an Ethiopian youth or any young person who is influential and can be a face against climate change,” he told The Reporter. 

Jodahi began Joda’s E-fluence as a side project that showcased environmental activists and provided them with a platform to communicate their opinions. He is sure that the youth and the future generation must lead the battle against climate change and its issues. He believes that the youth’s participation in this fight is the most important thing they could ever do, and they must feel as though they are making a difference by engaging in intergenerational dialogue, learning how to handle it, or accepting responsibility for the problems that have developed over time.

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According to him, the battle against climate change may be integrated into daily lives by embracing climatic or environmental sustainability.

Jodahi persisted in pursuing his passion and began submitting applications to the various funding opportunities that various influencers had recommended to him, one of which was the Wangari Maathai Foundation Youth Hub, which is based in Kenya and organized approximately 35 young Africans to attend the COP 27.  Through these initiatives, Jodahi was offered the opportunity to attend COP27 in November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Jodahi stated, “I believe that the COP is making modest progress in securing rigorous funding and other measures.” “I also believe that it is a great opportunity to connect with so many people from different nations and groups working on climate change, since it is a place where like-minded individuals join together to save the globe.”


At COP27, the Loss and Damage Fund, which attempts to provide money to nations most affected and vulnerable by climate change, was also considered. For countries like Ethiopia, where climate change has caused drought and a locust invasion, this is of special importance.

Jodahi has been speaking out against climate change and striving to inspire and excite the youth of Ethiopia to join him in the fight.

He is the leader of various youth-led organizations, including Green Rotaract Ethiopia, Influencers, Youth Negotiation, and the Convention on Climate Change. Together with his team, he also developed green companies, such as Farmboo Ethiopia, which specialized in bamboo-based sustainable vertical gardening shelves, pots, and baskets.

COP27 provided Jodahi with the opportunity to learn more about the effects of climate change. He intends to teach young Ethiopians on how they may contribute to the battle against climate change and enhance gender equality, two goals he want to pursue. He has also worked with Oxfam Ethiopia on gender, feminism, and environmental health issues.

Jodahi feels that there are additional opportunities for young people to participate in the battle against climate change and environmental conservation, even though participation is open to anybody.

“If you want to develop your own type of community and raise awareness and understanding of your unique stance on environmental protection, you can start in your own way,” he added. “Just try to make an impact with whatever means you have.”

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