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ArtTaking Art online

Taking Art online

An exhibition of 11 Ethiopian artists’ work in various styles and themes was displayed in the Abrak Art Gallery throughout the previous month.

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Art of Africa group exhibition

The Art of Africa is a group of artists that was established in South Korea as an online gallery project.

The Art of Africa Project is an initiative that was developed to introduce and provide a platform for the works and narratives of artists from underdeveloped nations, giving them the opportunity to have a creative foundation for their work.

The idea got started when a South Korean company named Shareplus decided to work with artists from all over Africa to establish an online gallery. A place where art lovers from all over the world may view and purchase these works of art, giving them better access to the global art market.

Before the spread of COVID-19, Art of Africa was in the offing but had to be delayed due to lockdowns. It was ultimately launched six months ago when they traveled to Ethiopia to provide a three-day orientation and training for the chosen artists.

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The orientation’s main goal was to aid the artists in honing their promotional abilities. It provided them with a thorough explanation of how to market themselves and their work through social media posts and videos.

Tsegalidet Tefera, one of the artists, has recently had the opportunity to exhibit his work at the gallery. He specializes in painting a contemporary and reimagined rendition of traditional Ethiopian art.

People from all over the world can view his work on the Art of Africa website. He said that Art of Africa reached him after discovering his work while searching for African artists. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for myself and other artists to be able to promote and sell our work online to a global audience through Art of Africa.”

Art of Africa gives African artists a place to show their work to people in the West, which helps them become more professional. They have also been looking into what art supplies are needed in Ethiopia so they can give their artists top-notch and high-quality materials.

Tsegalidet claims that the Art of Africa team gave all the artists better canvases, paints, and art supplies after finding out what the artists struggled with. They also recognized that the materials they had purchased were easily destroyed throughout the shipping process.

 This group exhibition was chosen so that artists like Tsegalidet, who works in a variety of genres, may present their works to art lovers and curators from around the world.

Senafkish Zeleke, Eyayu Genet, Wendwesen Kebede, Solomon Geleta, Leykun Girma, Henok Ayele, Leykun Wondifraw, Elias Areda, Birtukan Dejene, Hailu Kifle, and Shewangizaw Tamirat were among the artists in the collection. Each of them had their own style and genre.

Tsegalidet said that when they were looking for artists to join their team, “they chose very skilled painters and sculptors from different areas and styles with a unique Ethiopian touch.”

After searching for prominent artists in Ethiopia, getting in touch with them, and reviewing their work, they chose the ones they felt were the most suitable and had the greatest potential, according to him.

The website then posts the biographies of the artists, their work, and the selling prices of each piece for clients all over the world to access.

Tsegalidet says that Art of Africa is different from most shows because it doesn’t just focus on one style or idea. Instead, it brings together the ideas and preferences of many artists in one place.

Dr. Bae, CEO of Shareplus, the company that created the online gallery, stated in a statement that the art market in Africa is primarily focused on the local market and that she hopes to diversify and extend the reach of the artworks to a much wider and international art market. Offering cutting-edge technology, according to the CEO, is one way to promote the artists and their work so that they can get a better opportunity.

She also mentioned that they began their journey in Ethiopia, a country with a deeper and more diverse artistic culture, which provides a window into the lives of the artists and their unique views.

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