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PoliticsOpposition demands gov. intervention in Kore, Guji clash

Opposition demands gov. intervention in Kore, Guji clash

The Ethiopian Social Democrat Party (ESDP), one of the four member parties of the coalition of The Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek), demanded the intervention of the government to take all the necessary measures to address the recent border clashes between Kore of Southern Regional State and Guji of the Oromia Regional State.

The recent clash erupted when the administrators of the area tried to introduce new border demarcation between Amaro woreda, where the Kore ethnic group resides, and Gelana Abaya and Bule Hora woredas, where the Guji Oromo resides, deputy chairperson of ESDP Tilahun Endeshaw told The Reporter.

According to Tilahun, the clash between the two groups which lasted between July 23 and 29 resulted in the death of 13 residents of the area, 40 being injured, and some seven hundred houses and 400 pile of grain of various types burnt to the ground. Apart from this, large amount of maize was also lost to the fire after being torched while it was still in the field.

Tilahun further added that the clash is still going on; and in fear of another death and injuries some forty thousand residents of the area are fleeing to the nearby areas in search of sanctuary.

The party stated that the border demarcation problem is the direct result of the federalism arrangement, which has been implemented for the past 26 years.

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Therefore, the party requested the government to stop the demarcation of the border that resulted in the clash between the two brotherly ethnic groups and sort-out the problem once and for all. Also, it demanded the government to take measures that assure the peaceful coexistence of the two ethnic groups and to arrange favorable condition to restore the life of the exiled and provide them with all the necessary support.

The party also highlighted the need to bring the perpetrators before court, which are directly responsible in instigating the conflict and together with the security personnel and other administrative officials, who are responsible for the loss of life and destruction of property.

Negeri Lencho, Government Communication Affairs minister, confirmed that the conflict had indeed taken place and has currently calmed down. In addition, officials of the Oromia Regional State are currently at the location assisting in border demarcation, Negeri said.   

Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) is one of Medrek’s constituting parties, where Medrek is a coalition of four parties including the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Union of Tigrayans for Democracy and Sovereignty (Arena) and Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM).

By Neamin Ashenafi 

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