Monday, May 29, 2023
SportTirunesh back in action after four-year absence

Tirunesh back in action after four-year absence

Tirunesh Dibaba, who has won three Olympic medals and five world championships, is getting ready to compete again after a four-year hiatus. On January 15, 2023, Tirunesh will participate in the annual Aramco Houston Half Marathon.

Tirunesh Dibaba’s younger sister, Ana Dibaba, who has lately competed in a handful of road races, will also be competing alongside Tirunesh in the half marathon.

Since 2018, Tirunesh has not participated in any competitions. In 2017, she ran the distance in 66:50, which is her personal best. She will compete alongside another Ethiopian, Hiwot Gebrekidan, who has a personal best of 66:47.

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Tirunesh’s absence from contests can be attributed to the COVID-19 epidemic as well as the birth of her child. Her last race was in 2018.

According to a statement that was released by the organizers of the Houston Half Marathon, she will compete on the road again this year and has the goal of achieving greater success in her athletic career.

Tirunesh said, “Houston is my favorite race; my preparation is going well, and this is a good opportunity to test my potential and decide the next chapter in my athletic life.”

In addition to the two siblings, it is anticipated that Hiwot, who came in second at the Berlin Marathon in 2021, will also be a formidable rival in this race.

The men’s race in the Houston half marathon will feature a number of elite athletes, including Leul Gebrselassie and Shura Kitata, who won the London marathon.

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