Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Enhancing sustainability in Ethiopia

As the world experiences climate change firsthand, it has become fashionable to turn to renewable energy sources derived from infinite sources such as the sun, earth, and wind.

Having said that, Africa is a continent with a severe lack of electricity. Due to a lack of electrical power, it has become necessary to seek alternative sources of electricity in order to make daily life easier.

Ethiopia, which is experiencing an energy crisis, has not utilized all possible energy sources, including geothermal, hydro, solar, and wind. It has been demonstrated that the country has untapped energy resources, necessitating the potential to provide clean alternative energy sources that may be used in conjunction with the primary electric power source.

Winsol Green Power Engineering P.L.C. is involved in the provision of solar energy in various forms. It aims to provide solar energy equipment to areas where the main electric power source is not available and works in areas where people do not have the luxury of using electricity to light up their homes, for their children to study at night, and for women to have a less stressful and tiring day.

The company has also gained a reputation for its PAYGO solar lamps made of recycled plastic, which were discovered to be a “two birds with one stone” type of solution.

Solar energy, which is as clean as it gets, is a top-tier option since it is affordable, accessible, and user-friendly. Renewable energy in general should be easy to obtain and promote, depending on how clean and readily available it is.

As a provider of solar home systems, our goal is to illuminate the rural community with economical, user-friendly, and sustainable solar home systems. This must be done thoroughly if rural electrification is to be successful.

Our goal is to manufacture 65–70 percent of the solar home systems in Ethiopia, generating a product that is uniquely built in the country with 65 percent of its components produced locally.

To further encourage sustainability, the electrical components of our products will be housed in recyclable plastic housing. This demonstrates our dedication to environmental protection by using resources responsibly and replenishably.

Furthermore, we understand the value of strategic relationships and the success we have achieved thus far. As a result, the company continues to collaborate with key partners such as the AECF to increase its market share in the country and reach more people.

Africa, as a continent, suffers from energy constraints, among other issues. This is a blessing in disguise because it provides an opportunity to devise novel solutions to these problems.

With fossil fuels becoming increasingly expensive and generating significant quantities of greenhouse gases, the focus is shifting to sustainable and renewable energy sources. Hydro and solar energy receive the most attention since they are both accessible and efficient.

Regardless of who is creating the most emissions in the world, Africa needs to switch to renewable energy sources not only because they are clean but also because resources must be managed sustainably so that future generations can enjoy and utilize what it has to offer.

Renewable energy sources will be critical in making the concept and practice of sustainable existence happen. Winsol, for example, works on supplying solar home systems to locations where energy is considered a luxury. There is always light where there is the sun with solar energy. The sun can be found anywhere, and with the correct tools, it is simple to harness nature’s gift.

It is also crucial to understand that with solar energy, we only need to install the equipment and harness the product. There is no need for us to build additional facilities to utilize the energy, making it a more cost-effective investment.

(Biniyam Kebede is the general manager at Winsol Green Power Engineering PLC.)

Contributed by Biniyam Kebede

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