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NewsTPLF’s interim gov’t proposal excludes Prosperity Party

TPLF’s interim gov’t proposal excludes Prosperity Party

The leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have given their stamp of approval to a document that outlines the composition of a “interim administration,” which excludes the ruling party. If the federal government agrees, a new administration to oversee the Tigray regional state for the next six to 12 months should be in place within the next few months.

The TPLF will dominate the region’s presidency, cabinet, and the majority of regional offices. Among the various sectors that fall under this category are economics, finance, healthcare, agriculture, economics, resource mobilization, infrastructure, land, and social services.

According to the new document, leaders of the former Tigray Defense Force (TDF) will be appointed to the roles of deputy regional president, security cabinet, security cluster, and rehabilitation. Tourism, transportation, industry, and water resources will be controlled by opposition parties.

In the fields of justice, democracy, and science and technology, it will be the scholars who lead the ship.

Following days of public debate in Tigray, the document was endorsed by the TPLF’s high command.

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Tadesse worede (Gen.), TDF leader and head of the committee formed to organize the formation of the Tigray Interim Administration, stated during the public consultation that the TPLF and civil organizations will hold nearly two-thirds of the power, while the TDF and opposition parties will hold the remaining.

The key subjects of debate during the discussions were the interim government’s goals, power allocation, and representation.

As indicated in the document endorsed by the TPLF leaders and public participants, the national ruling party is not included in the power sharing. Getachew Reda stated last week to The Reporter that the document will not be enacted without consensus with ruling party.

The leaders of Tigray’s opposition parties are dissatisfied with the TPLF’s unilateral attempt to form an interim administration, alleging that it excludes them from decision-making.

“To begin with, only the House of Federation can form Tigray’s transitional administration. The interim administration should also be constituted after a political dialogue with all stakeholders across Tigray “Former Mekele mayor Ataklti Haile-Selassie stated.

According to Ataklti, the TPLF is doing everything on its own and has decided that only individuals who fought in the war should be members of the interim administration. “They barred political parties and those who did not oppose the federal government from the interim government.”

The current attempt to form an interim administration is the second after a botched effort in 2020. The previous interim administration was founded and administered by the current ruling Prosperity Party, which received unfavorable support. According to insiders, this is one of the reasons why the federal government turned a blind eye as the TPLF quickly pushed to establish the interim administration.

The interim government’s mandate would presumably end after elections in Tigray are held with the support of the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). According to the Pretoria agreement, the plan had the support of both the federal government and the TPLF’s top officials.

To allow the TPLF to run in the election, the parliament must lift the terrorist label from the party.

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