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SportWoldia FC summon players

Woldia FC summon players

Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) newcomers, Woldia FC, have summoned players who left their camp and training grounds, to return back to duty.

Following violence which began on Kana Zegelila celebration, the second day of the Epiphany festival in Wolidia town, players reported that they have left the training camp. The club’s management stated that the players left the camp due to threats from fans for their dismal performances. According to club general manager, Geremew Kasa, “they were not willing to stay in hotels, following complaints from fans opting to leave without any discussion with us,” he told The Reporter.

Woldia City are not off to a good start and various players were complaining on the issues concerning monthly salaries. Mainly, new experienced players were complaining over salary. Nevertheless, Geremew unveiled that they are on the process of coming up with a solution in the near future.

Following the unstable situation in the town, Ethiopia Football Federation (EFF) has postponed two matches of Woldia City.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Wolidia head coach, Zemariyam Woldegiorgis, will move to Welwalo Adigart University this week.

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Woldia placed 12, have only 11 points to show for on the table and from the last 11 fixtures, they only managed to win two matches, draw five and lose four.

 Upon the request from Woldia FC, the Federation will rearrange fixtures for another time.

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