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NewsDespite rising public tips, corruption investigations remain low

Despite rising public tips, corruption investigations remain low

Fewer than a quarter of all corruption tips reported by the public are investigated, according to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) set up the Committee at the beginning of December 2022. Its job is to coordinate efforts to stop corruption, look into people who are thought to be corrupt, and arrest them if they have committed a crime.

This week, the Committee met with officials who are a members regional anti-corruption task forces to talk about important issues related to the fight against corruption. In less than four months, the Committee talked to at least 759 members of the public over the phone, in person, and in other ways, according to the report presented during the meeting.

But the report says that 640 people have been charged in 81 cases, and 175 of those cases are being looked into right now.

The committee members stated that they are encountering difficulties that are slowing down their work and making it more difficult to find and prosecute those implicated in corruption.

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The Committee is experiencing difficulties due to its excessive workload, insufficient resources, lack of police officers and prosecutors, and a number of other limits and issues, according to members.

Several public tips, according to regional government committee members, were intended as retaliation against those in authority.

Anti-corruption committees in regional states received 1857 corruption tips, of which 996 cases are being probed and 478 cases have already been investigated and are ready to be taken to court.

Representatives from the Southern Nation and Nationalities, Benishangul Gumez, and Harari areas also expressed their concern about what the report says about defensive and offensive tactics.

The head of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the chairman of the committee at the federal level, Temesegen Tiruneh, said that corruption is a very mystical crime “government workers, brokers, investors, and government officials who are blinded by their love of money and have shady ties with each other commit these crimes.

So, this tie has to be broken if the country’s wealth is to be saved.

“The chair of the Committee has told state representatives in each region to evaluate and decide on any reports or suggestions they get from the public after giving them some thought and to respond correctly instead of brushing them off as personal attacks.

As soon as its formation in December 2022, the committee said it would stop organized theft and corruption. Tewedros Bekele, who was in charge of the Ethiopian Financial Security Services, was one of the people who were arrested.On a scale from 0 to 100, Ethiopia was ranked 38th in Transparency International’s corruption index for 2022, down from 39th in 2021.

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