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NewsMinistry to revamp stadium shops, strict contractual reforms for tenants

Ministry to revamp stadium shops, strict contractual reforms for tenants

The Ministry of Culture and Sport plans to refurbish the stores surrounding the eight-decade-old Addis Ababa Stadium and make strict contractual adjustments.

Contracts of the shop owners are only renewed for the next three months as the Ministry plans to renovate the stadium’s exterior and lease it under a new contract guided by an upcoming directive.

The plan to restore the stores will be carried out during the stadium’s third phase of renovation.

The interior of the stadium, comprising the playing field, running tracks, seating, locker rooms, and bathrooms, was scheduled for restoration in the first and second phases.

According to Culture and Sport Minister Kejela Merdassa, his office plans to revamp the stores while “maintaining the city’s standard.”

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“The 57 shops under the stadium are of poor quality, so we will make sure that they are changed,” Kejela told a local media. “There will be a new directive governing these shops and different rental rates.”

Responding to The Reporter’s queries, Kejela stated that his office will announce the new plan and directive governing the shops within the next three months.

“Their renewed contract will expire at the end of June, and there will be a new method of leasing the stores in accordance with the directive we are drafting,” he told The Reporter.

The stores are governed by an “old directive,” as the Minister called it, and the contracts are renewed yearly in the same way. “We want to facelift these shops,” he added.

For almost two decades, Tazebachew Dagnew has been running a translation office beneath the stadium as one of the shop owners.

Some of the businesses in the area, including his own, have been in operation for longer; one of them has been there for half a century.

Aside from rumors that representatives from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) may arrive, he informed The Reporter that he isn’t aware about the new directive that the Ministry is drafting.

“We can’t be sure if they will order us to leave or not. But we should be given priority to stay here once the renovation is complete,” Tazebachew said. “The Ministry’s officials should come and discuss with us before making a final decision.”

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