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SportHPR urges foreign players’ inclusion in national team

HPR urges foreign players’ inclusion in national team

Changes in the procedure for recruiting foreign football players of Ethiopian descent are deemed necessary to facilitate their participation. The Health, Social Development, Culture, and Sports Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) visited the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) last week and held discussions on a variety of topics.

Numerous athletes of Ethiopian descent are reportedly interested in joining the national team. The athletes, according to the Federation, have not been included for a variety of reasons.

Ethiopia does not permit dual citizenship, and the lack of foreign currency has made the process more challenging, the Federation says. The EFF encountered a number of obstacles when attempting to recruit and sign competent Ethiopian athletes for the national team.

The EFF has been criticized for its inability to utilize players of Ethiopian descent who presently play for clubs around the globe. As the Walias qualified for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) after 31 years, there is optimism that some players will be included in the squad.

David Basha, a recruiter for the Federation and former fullback for the Walias, selected over 38 players of Ethiopian descent who were not selected for competitions.

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The Standing Committee also discussed the ongoing construction of Adey Abeba Stadium, lamenting that it must be completed as soon as feasible.

The EFF also criticized the prices of imported items that the government considers luxury goods, such as footballs and football equipment.

Isaias Jira, the president of the EFF, stated that the Federation is focusing on enhancing the nation’s football performance. “The government should support the national federation’s capacity to pay the expenses of the national teams, including their participation in competitions.

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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