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TECNO Spark 10 series, The Selfie Champion

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Looking for a smartphone that combines cutting-edge technology with an amazing design?

Look no further than the TECNO Spark 10 series,

TECNO, the most popular Chinese mobile brand in Africa, has long been a favorite among Ethiopian youth for its high-quality cameras and It demonstrated this with its Phantom, POVA, CAMON, and SPARK smartphone lines.

TECNO Spark 10 series, The Selfie Champion | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today

TECNO continues to strive to be the preferred technology brand for both young and old alike, relentlessly trying to develop and improve the design of its goods in order to stay ahead of the curve. “Stop At Nothing” is the company’s brand slogan, and TECNO is leaving no stone unturned in order to unlock the best contemporary technology for its consumers in worldwide emerging markets. With the SPARK 10 series featuring cutting-edge technology that looks appealing and high-performing, smartphone enthusiasts should go no farther than the SPARK 10 models: Spark 10 Pro, Spark 10, and Spark 10 C.

The camera, video, and seamless interface of today’s phone are the most significant aspects for content creators on Instagram and Tiktok. The SPARK 10 pro features an advanced 32MP selfie camera and a 50MP back camera, resulting in faultless and simply breath-taking portrait shots. The entire SPARK 10 series includes dual soft lighting on both the front and rear cameras.

TECNO Spark 10 series, The Selfie Champion | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today

The built-in 10 Lux soft light delivers exactly the correct amount of flash without glare, and its strength is adjustable in three levels for varied lighting circumstances. The Super Flashlight Algorithm swiftly fixes any overexposure to achieve a balance of brightness between the background and the subject, while concealing users’ imperfections and emphasizing their beauty, ensuring users always obtain the perfect selfie.

The TECNO SPARK 10 series is an exceptional device for gaming enthusiasts. Its strong processor, big RAM, and massive storage capacity allow it to play graphically intense games with ease. The tablet also has a massive 6.8-inch screen, which is great for intense gaming. The TECNO SPARK 10 series includes a powerful G88 gaming CPU, which is suited for a high-quality gaming experience. With TECNO’s Spark series, it’s absolutely GAME TIME.

TECNO Spark 10 series, The Selfie Champion | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today


The phones’ design has already received widespread acclaim for its ground-breaking features, including a starry glass back panel that is glossy, smooth, comfortable to hold, and natural to the skin. The TECNO SPARK 10 Smartphones are available in a variety of colors, including Starry Black and Pearl White for the SPARK 10 Pro and Meta Black, Blue, White, and Green for the other variants. You can now flaunt your brilliant electronics.

The SPARK 10 series makes vlogging even more enjoyable. The Beauty Mode, AR stickers, HDR, and Bokeh effect, as well as the unique cinematography mode, all apply to movies, allowing users to shoot their daily lives in a wide range of scenarios. The majority of the SPARK 10 series models are powered by a 5000mAh battery and an 18W fast-charging capability, guaranteeing a long-lasting battery life that keeps the device powered up even under prolonged usage.

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