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Ethio-Sudan economic forum planned for coming week

Ethiopia and Sudan will hold a High Level Economic Forum to discuss on the common consent of the two countries, specially, in the promotion and implementation of joint activities. 

The announcement came at a farewell ceremony organized at the National Palace for the departing Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Osman Nafie Hamad. 

The forum will evaluate achievements relating to road, railway, and electricity linkages, and facilitating financial transactions in line with the aspiration of the two nations to reach the level of integration via infrastructure, economy and border trade. 

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“Sudan and Ethiopia, being the two major countries, they have special responsibility towards achieving stability, cooperation in the whole of the region of the Horn of Africa,” Ambassador Hamad said.

“We in Sudan, we are very much keen and we think that the stability of Ethiopia is very important for the whole of the stability of the region.” 

On his part, President Mulatu Teshome expressed Ethiopia’s keen interest to further foster the multilateral engagement with Sudan. (ENA)

Egypt’s Sisi denies supporting opposition in Ethiopia

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday denied Ethiopia’s accusations that his country was supporting the opposition after a wave of violent protests that left hundreds dead.

Ethiopia accused “elements” in Eritrea, Egypt and elsewhere on Monday of being behind protests over land grabs and human rights that prompted the government to declare a state of emergency.

The unrest has cast a shadow over Ethiopia, where a state-led industrial drive has created one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, but whose government also faces criticism at home and abroad over its authoritarian approach.

Ethiopia’s government spokesman said Egypt, which is embroiled in a row with Addis Ababa over sharing Nile waters, was a source of backing for armed gangs though that backing may not come from state actors.

Sissi denied those accusations.

“Egypt does not conspire against anyone,” he said. “I want to assure the brothers in Ethiopia that Egypt has never ever offered any support to the opposition and will not carry out any conspiratorial action against Ethiopia.” (VoA)

Climate change may help Ethiopia, increase the country’s access to water resource

Ethiopia is different from other nations affected by climate change. This is because the region benefits from climate change by having increased water availability in the coming decades, according to a new study that was released this week.

The study was just printed in the journal Climatic Change. It was led by researchers from Virginia Tech. The team speculated that the water availability in the Blue Nile Basin may augment in the coming decades because of climate change. This may boost the crop production, hydroelectric power projects and promote irrigation, according to Science Daily.

In the study, the team used acclimate and hydrologic models to foresee the impact of climate change on water availability and sediment transport in the Blue Nile Basin. The results showed that there is 20 to 30 percent more streamflow available in the area in the coming decades, according to the researchers. In the past studies, they only found an increased rate of water availability of 10 percent. (Science Daily)

Turkish companies dominate Ethiopian construction event

Turkish companies dominated a construction and technology event in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Friday, Anadolu reported.

The 7th International Construction, Construction Equipment and Technology Exhibition saw 110 companies from 10 nations begin a four-day display of cutting-edge technology.

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According to the report, Friday’s event comes amid a drop in customs tariffs in Ethiopia designed to stimulate investment.

Managing director of event organizers Ethel Advertising & Communication PLC, Haimanot Tesfaye, said Turkish firms accounted for 70 percent of the companies involved in the exhibition.

Exhibitors also included firms from South Korea, China, India, Germany, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Heavy machinery, suspended ceiling systems and marble cutters were among a range of construction products on display.

Ozkan Oney, general manager of Globex A. S. — an importer of marble cutters — told Anadolu Agency demand for their technology was high in Ethiopia as construction activity in the East African country increased. (Anadolu)

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