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Speak Your MindSugarcoated reality

Sugarcoated reality

Everyone desires to be correct, superior, and the best. The majority of us want others to perceive us as such. We may or may not be convinced of our self-perception, but we like to cling to the image of ourselves as moral and well-intentioned. On the other hand, the truth may be radically different.

Many individuals either do not perceive reality as others do, or they choose to neglect or deny it. People with a very strong sense of self will sometimes discuss something that others have a completely different perspective on. What others perceive in them is, in other words, diametrically opposed to what they actually see in themselves. For instance, I have met someone who considers himself to be extremely democratic, open-minded, and a great team player.

In contrast, his coworkers and subordinates view him as a complete dictator who may sulk if his ideas and opinions are not accepted by others, rarely gives others the opportunity to speak during meetings, and wants only his ideas implemented in a team setting. And I wonder, how can someone not know himself?

All developments occurring in this country are shown on public television. As a nation, we have accomplished this and that, we are told. Those who speak of prosperity and development in this nation are either entirely oblivious to the realities on the ground, willfully denying them, or have a profound disdain for the people.

Do they believe that the citizens of this nation believe what they are told rather than what they have seen with their own eyes and experienced in their own lives? People are aware of what they have endured in the past and what they are currently experiencing. People comprehend their circumstances. They are aware of what they have lost and the potential for further losses. No amount of sugarcoating can alter this reality. People comprehend their reality. So, to whom are these eloquent speeches about prosperity and progress directed?

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Here, we talk about the rule of law, but when we confront the harsh reality, there is no rule of law. Realistically, individuals disregard the rights of others to such a degree that you wonder if there is a law that can bring them to justice. But individuals are silent. They lack the courage to oppose the dazzling reality that is being imposed upon them.

Many have tried to persuade others that black is white. People continue to perceive it as black. Why not admit that black is black, cease convincing others that black is white, and collaborate towards a common objective? In terms of addressing the issue at hand, attempting to paint a rosy picture of a bleak reality does more damage than good. Glossy makeup only momentarily conceals it. Let us be honest with ourselves and one another, for only by accepting our reality can we alter it for the best!

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