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NewsEthiopian Airlines board chairman Girma Wake leaves company, reasons remain unknown

Ethiopian Airlines board chairman Girma Wake leaves company, reasons remain unknown

Ethiopian Airlines board chairman Girma Wake– Yilma Merdasa, Airforce Chief, replaced him

Girma Wake, the former board chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines, has left his position, with federal authorities yet to disclose the reason for his departure. Girma himself confirmed to The Reporter that he is no longer serving in the role, but refused to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding his exit from the company.

Yilma Merdasa, Commander of the Ethiopian Airforce, replaced him as the Board Chairperson of Ethiopian Airlines, sources told The Reporter.

Yilma Merdasa, Commander of the Ethiopian Airforce
Yilma Merdasa, Commander of the Ethiopian Airforce

Girma joined the Ethiopian Airlines board in 2018 and became board chairman in April 2022 when Mesfin Tasew was appointed as group CEO, replacing Tewolde Gebremariam. During his tenure, Girma played a pivotal role in expanding the airline’s reach to 114 international destinations, making it the largest carrier in Africa.

The Reporter’s attempts to get a response from Ethiopian’s management were unsuccessful.

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Girma’s departure marks the end of a long and illustrious career at Ethiopian Airlines, having served the airline for more than three decades, including a stint as CEO from 2004 to 2011. The news of his sudden departure has sparked speculation within the aviation industry, with many wondering what this means for the future of Ethiopian Airlines.

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