Sunday, October 1, 2023
NewsDefense force rejects food diversion allegations, vows action if members involved

Defense force rejects food diversion allegations, vows action if members involved

The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has strongly rejected allegations of food diversions, stating that it has sufficient logistics to provide aid in kind and in cash to those in need.

In a statement released on June 10, 2023, the ENDF emphasized that it does not consume wheat meant for aid and that it does not have any units or institutions involved in such practices.

The statement from the ENDF comes in response to recent allegations of aid diversion within the federal government and the military, which were also rejected by the Federal Government Communications Service earlier this week.

Donors, including USAID and the World Food Programme, suspended aid to conflict-affected areas, especially Tigray and then nationwide, a month ago over aid diversion allegations. However, vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and infants are still receiving aid.

The ENDF has pledged to take action if any of its members are found to be involved in such practices. The army maintains that it provides aid to those in need and does not take from them, reaffirming its commitment to professionalism and accountability.

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