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Applications for Cohort 5 of the Jasiri Talent Investor Program are now open.

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PRESS RELEASE  | July  17, 2023

Applications for Cohort 5 of the Jasiri Talent Investor Program are now open.

Jasiri,  an  entrepreneurship  development  program  supported  by the  Allan  &  Gill  Gray Philanthropies   (AGGP),   seeks  ambitious   and  driven  individuals  who want  to  become entrepreneurs.  The  program aims to support and guide these aspiring entrepreneurs in the process of  building  successful  businesses  that address important  challenges  and open up new markets.

Jasiri  is specifically  inviting  young people  from  Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda to apply for  its Cohort 5  of  the Talent Investor program. Interested applicants will  go through a thorough selection process to assess their skills  and abilities. Those selected as finalists, called ‘Jasiri Fellows’, will participate in the fully-funded 13-month Jasiri Talent Investor Program.

During the program, Jasiri Fellows will receive support in various stages of venture creation, from generating ideas to startup launch. Fellows are provided with holistic support including funding,  world  class  entrepreneurship  development  guidance,  coaching,  business  advisory and  linkages with industry experts to increase their chances of success. Furthermore, Jasiri Fellows  will   have the  opportunity  to connect with  like-minded  co-founders  and receive individual, team, and business support.

Since its start in December 2020, the Talent Investor has seen the creation of 42 ventures in a wide  range of  industries  such as agriculture, healthcare, edtech, affordable housing, and fintech.

According to Jasiri Regional Director Aline Kabanda,   Jasiri Talent Investor is a community of like-minded innovators, where collaboration and collective growth are paramount. The Talent Investor  is designed  to empower aspiring  entrepreneurs by providing the tools, knowledge, and support needed to turn their ideas into thriving ventures. We are calling all visionary trailblazers to seize the opportunity, and create impactful ventures. Step forward, and claim your seat among the game-changers who will redefine the future. Apply now for Cohort 5.

The application for  the fifth cohort of Jasiri Talent Investor Program will open on July 17, 2023 and close on October 17, 2023. Jasiri will be conducting virtual information sessions to provide interested applicants detailed information about the application process and address any queries they may have. To find out more about these informative sessions, you can visit Jasiri’s social media platforms (Jasiri4Africa). If you are interested in applying, please visit the website

About Jasiri

Jasiri  invests  in,  nurtures,  and empowers entrepreneurs  who benefit  society  and attack poverty by creating high-impact businesses, creating new markets on the African continent. Jasiri  believes  that entrepreneurial  teams are at the heart of  new venture  creation and provides  the entrepreneur with  access to a diverse group of  potential co-founders. Jasiri supports new ventures from  idea  generation  to venture  creation  and takes a long-term approach to develop exceptional, responsible entrepreneurs on the African continent.

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Media Enquiries

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