Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    PoliticsAba Gadaas call for discussion with the government

    Aba Gadaas call for discussion with the government


    The Oromo Aba Gadaas Unity, a cultural system of leadership among the Oromo people in Ethiopia and Kenya, which held its General Assembly meeting last week from August 29 to September 1, 2016 at Sodere Resort Hotel, called for a discussion with the federal government so as to be able to address the recent political unrest in different parts of the Oromia Regional State.

    More than 2,000 participants drawn from all parts of the Region attended the meeting, and following the conclusion of the meeting the Unity issued 13 points resolution, Chairman of Senbeto Robi Aba Gadaas and Aba Gadaa of Tulema, Beyene Senbeto told journalists.

    Aba Gadaa Beyene recalled that the unity has held a discussion with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn a few months back about the political unrest, which is going on in the Oromia Regional State. He also recalled that the Aba Gadaas were firm in expressing their concern to Prime Minister Hailemariam at the time.

    During the discussion, Hailemariam promised the Aba Gadaas that the government will take corrective measures to rectify the issues that are being raised by the people. However, “nothing has improved following the discussion and the problem in the region is still continuing; in fact it has intensified without any solution,” he said.

    For this reason, the Aba Gadaas have requested another round of discussion with the government to deliberate on how to work on all the issues and provide a lasting solution to the problem. And, to that effect, the Aba Gadaas have issued a 13 points resolution.

    “We [the Aba Gadaas] are telling both parties that we are holding nothing but green grass and whip; we don’t want war and devastations to happen here; therefore, we should discuss thoroughly about the current unrest in the region,” Aba Gadaa Beyene said.

    The government should look into the problem of the society closely and ask the public what they are really saying. In this regard, it should resolve all the issues that can offer temporary relief and request the public for time to address the difficult ones. This will definitely cool things down,” the Aba Gadaa said.

    According to the Aba Gadaa, the General Assembly has issued its 13 points resolution and noted that it fully stands by its assertions. “The resolution is what we believe in and if the government needs further clarification it should approach the Aba Gadaas for discussions,” he said.

    Additionally the Aba Gadaa said: “We need peace; we don’t want a single human being to be abused or beaten by security forces”.

    The culture of the Oromo people is deeply rooted in the Gadaa system, which is a democratic political, economic and social system. The Gada system is a democratic system that has been shaping and guiding the lives, mode of governance, socio-economic conditions and philosophical outlooks of the Oromo people; it has ensured unity and solidarity among the people as well as the practice of peaceful conflict resolution.

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