Saturday, September 23, 2023


Ethiopia wavers between chaos and compromise in Amhara region

Tensions between Fano and the Ethiopian army are escalating into outright conflict. The Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency yesterday in Amhara, authorizing security forces to confront Fano members whom authorities accuse of fomenting instability. The decree takes immediate effect and remains active as long as Parliament ratifies it within two weeks.

Before requesting federal intervention, the Amhara regional government wants negotiators rather than soldiers to quell the flames of this crisis before it burns the entire region to ashes.

Amhara politicians and activists stress that Amhara grievances fuel the fire. Amharas feel marginalized and see Fano as their only defender against perceived threats, they argue. They also resent government demands that Amhara Special Force restructuring. Calls from Tigrayan authorities for Amhara forces to withdraw from disputed land have also poured fuel on this simmering anger.

The federal government seems to believe a stern crackdown can suffocate this rebellion in its infancy. But some experts warn that choosing war over peace could stoke the embers, referring to lingering tensions and grievances, sparking wider conflict across Ethiopia as armed groups retaliate. Read more

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