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A Gleaming Beacon of Prosperity

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Dantimo Trading Lights the Path to Ethiopia’s Industrial Revolution

A new dawn is on the horizon for Ethiopia as visionary businesses sow the seeds that will reap rewards for generations. Leading the charge is Dantimo Trading plc, a company blazing a trail in the heart of Addis Ababa’s Bole neighbourhood that will define this pivotal moment in our nation’s story.

Under the Beam of its chairman, Mr. Mohammed Magid, Dantimo is illuminating Ethiopia’s path to prosperity from its flagship showroom located on Haile Gebrselassie Avenue in the economic hub of Bole. It began by securing the exclusive right to distribute world-renowned brands. Thomson, revered as one of France’s finest television manufacturers, will soon roll off Dantimo’s local assembly lines – putting high quality screens in Ethiopian homes at an affordable price.

Nokia televisions will join them, ensuring access to top entertainment technologies.

But Dantimo didn’t stop there.

It has also hooked Ethiopian farmers on the modern machineries needed to fully cultivate our agricultural bounty. Tractors, harvesters and more will emerge from Dantimo factories to maximize farm yields for decades to come.

Families rejoice too, as Dantimo won rights to distribute much-loved snacks like Capri Sun across the country. But perhaps most exciting of all is the futuristic flagship showroom taking shape in Bole. There, the full range of Dantimo partnerships will be displayed in a gleaming temple of innovation.

It opens this month to herald a new age where state-of-the-art goods are ours to enjoy, cultivate local skill, and fuel a renaissance in manufacturing. “Our goal is opportunity – to empower Ethiopians to succeed beyond imagination,” says the driven Mr. Magid, illuminating the shining path ahead with his vision from Dantimo’s Bole headquarters.

With multiple projects simultaneously lighting the way, Ethiopia’s first steps into this industrial golden era are already changing our economic landscape. All who join Dantimo in this seminal journey will help write the story of a nation realizing its full potential. Future generations will marvel that it all began with farmers, families, and the partnerships of pioneers like Dantimo Trading in the heart of our capital city.

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