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Speak Your MindSettling for mediocrity

Settling for mediocrity

Grades held immense importance during my college years. They not only influenced one’s future career prospects but also played a significant role in boosting confidence and ego. It is natural for individuals to strive for better performance than their peers, as it enhances their personal image and earns them respect. Consequently, aiming for an A becomes the ultimate goal for students. After all, who would prefer scoring a B or a C instead of an A? However, not all students dedicated enough time to achieve an A; some were content with a passing grade, settling for a B or a C.

I have always believed that a student who sets their target at a C will likely achieve just that, or at most, a D. Conversely, a student who consistently aims for an A will, at worst, secure a B, and in rare cases, a C. The possibility of receiving a D is significantly reduced for such students. Therefore, it is evident that individuals tend to achieve what they set out to obtain, or in the worst-case scenario, slightly less than their initial target. If one restricts themselves to basic or mediocre standards, they will, at most, achieve mediocrity and nothing more.

As a nation, we seem preoccupied with trivial matters, which has always left me perplexed. Despite living in an era of monumental, radical, and progressive technological advancements, we fail to think beyond the mundane. The civilized world is currently engrossed in innovative technologies aimed at simplifying our lives on this planet. Artificial intelligence and endeavors to replicate the intricacies of the human brain provided by nature captivate the attention of developed nations. Exploring life on other planets as a potential alternative to Earth and developing communication technologies that render in-person interactions obsolete are just a few examples of the civilization’s pursuits. People are even venturing into the vastness of the universe, striving to make life comfortable for humanity on Earth and beyond.

Our focus seems to be fixated on trivial matters, leaving me astounded. Achieving peaceful coexistence with our neighbors, something that should be straightforward, has become an arduous task. We struggle to reach a consensus on a common national objective, a universal national language, or even a shared national flag. Instead, we find ourselves embroiled in conflicts with our fellow citizens, causing harm to others in the misguided pursuit of personal gain. Consequently, we repeatedly deplete our meager national resources, burdening future generations with liabilities.

Similar to the aforementioned grades example, we have set such low standards for ourselves that we consistently fall below par. We fail to aspire even to the most fundamental necessities for human survival, such as peace. Our attention is consumed by useless and detrimental assignments, preventing us from looking beyond and pursuing more significant endeavors that could propel our nation towards economic advancement. Thus, our achievements remain mediocre at best.

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It is disheartening to think that our minds, our invaluable intellectual capacities, are occupied with matters that hinder our progress as a nation. This leaves us with minimal “brain space” to contemplate the issues that captivate the attention of the civilized world. The situation is undeniably lamentable. I sincerely hope that we awaken to the realities surrounding us and actively engage in pursuits that genuinely matter and contribute to our national advancement.

It is crucial for us as a nation to redirect our focus towards endeavors that truly matter and propel us forward. We must work towards achieving common objectives, promoting peace, and utilizing our resources wisely.

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