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Ambo Graduates Dozen Women in Zenbil Production

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Ambo Mineral Water SC graduated 11 women in the production of plastic bags (Zenbil) after training them for two weeks at their Kisosie PET Collection Center under its Zenbil Project.

The Zenbil project is a plastic bag production and sales project. The inputs such as the plastic straps are recycled from plastic wastes and produced as straps in various colors, and sizes and sold by recyclers as plastic strap tapes.

The production process requires serious skills training to teach them how to split, arrange and weave and saw into traditional plastic shopping bag called Zenbil.

The ten days training gave trainees the understanding on how to source plastic straps, segregate and preparing for production, weaving the foundation and attaching handles with variety of colors and combinations. The participants also got key knowledge on the whole value chain, sourcing, selling, engaging local youth and women in the production process, and finance & administration.

It is to be recalled that Ambo Mineral Water S.C established the plastic collection center and trained beneficiary women and adolescents in all aspects of plastic collection, segregation, packing, and delivery to recyclers. It also developed a legal agreement with plastic waste buyers/recyclers, as well as with transporters and others throughout the value chain. Currently Ambo Town is being considered one of the main sources of these plastic bags in the country. The business has about a 100% profit margin to the producers. The addition of plastic bag is meant to increase additional source of income and encourage the collectors to stay and grow in the business.

Women’s economic empowerment is one of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa-Ethiopia’s CSR pillars. Ambo Mineral Water S.C. has been working with its community, Ambo, Kisosie District, to empower its women through a plastic bottle collection scheme since last year.

Given, the positive working relation CCBA is trying to connect them with plastic strap suppliers and with all actors in the plastic recycling industry. This project is worth scaling up and scaling out in various areas of the country.

CCBA particularly provides programs for women’s entrepreneurship and capacity building through various initiatives.

PET bottles collection and recycling program is also one of CCBA-Ethiopia’s economic inclusivity initiatives benefiting women PET collectors in employability and setting up Model PET collection centers across the country.


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