Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Letter to the Editor

In your story, titled “Red Sea takes center stage as Ethiopia looks to assert regional presence,” published on October 14, 2023, you mistakenly assert that the Ministry of Peace has prepared a document specifically on the Red Sea.

However, the Ministry of Peace has, in fact, prepared three distinct draft documents on national identity, national values, and national interest.

The document concerning national interest outlines several pillars aimed at safeguarding Ethiopia’s strategic and economic interests. The Red Sea issue is mentioned within the context of the ‘national interest’ document, serving as one of the pillars.

Therefore, we believe that the article has created the impression that the Ministry has solely focused on the Red Sea as Ethiopia’s national interest. This is out of context of the document we provided you and should be corrected as: the Ministry has prepared a comprehensive draft document on Ethiopia’s national interest, wherein the Red Sea is merely mentioned as one component.

FDRE Ministry of Peace

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