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Speak Your MindBeware the blamers

Beware the blamers

I once penned an article delving into the futility of the blame game when it comes to problem-solving. In this game, individuals eagerly shift responsibility onto others out of fear of being held accountable themselves. It serves as a defense mechanism against perceived or actual attacks from external sources.

At the core of the blame game, I believe, lies a failure to acknowledge and understand the situation of the person being blamed. The blamer neglects to recognize the shoes in which the blamed individual stands. This lack of understanding may stem from either genuine ignorance or a deliberate choice to dismiss the other person’s circumstances.

From my perspective, when someone genuinely attempts to empathize with others, making a sincere effort to comprehend their situation and perspective, they are far less likely to engage in the blame game. They grasp why the other person behaves or acts in a certain way, acknowledging that they themselves would likely respond similarly if faced with identical circumstances.

I am particularly cautious of individuals who consistently complain and shift blame onto others. I have observed that those who frequently bemoan the actions of others tend to be individuals who struggle to achieve even minor accomplishments themselves. Curiously, their compulsion to complain and blame grants them a false sense of accomplishment and superiority over the individuals they target.

Consider a committee working to revitalize their neighborhood through green initiatives. More often than not, you will find individuals outside of the committee who are fixated on finding fault with those tirelessly striving for the betterment of their community. I would wager a considerable sum that if you were to ask these critics to actively participate in the work rather than blaming the committee, they would refuse or concoct excuses to avoid involvement.

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This is a typical trait among blamers!

We often come across activists, journalists, and bloggers in our country who excel in the blame game. Regardless of whether the country’s situation has improved or not, these individuals will always find reasons to accuse, blame, and speak ill of those in authority. Firstly, it is a means for them to earn a living. Secondly, even if it’s not about money, they are simply addicted to blaming and accusing others. I am absolutely certain that if these people were given power and tasked with solving all the problems they accuse others of not addressing, they would create even more chaos than ever before.

I have witnessed journalists who align themselves strongly with the opposition, constantly accusing those in power of bringing misery to our nation, though I won’t mention any specific TV channels or media outlets.

I used to say that if these individuals were handed actual governing power, they would undoubtedly fail miserably. Fortunately, my predictions came true, not because they were given power, but because the group of journalists who seemed united and unbreakable sadly revealed their disintegration to their once loyal audience. They demonstrated to us, at least to me, that keeping our nation united and undivided is not as simple as these journalists make it out to be. They couldn’t even maintain their own unity!

I must emphasize the need to always be cautious of people who incessantly complain and blame others. These are the individuals who cannot solve even the smallest of problems that the accused are attempting to address!

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