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SportEyasu's presidential bid ignites excitement, signals boxing's new era

Eyasu’s presidential bid ignites excitement, signals boxing’s new era

Today, the African Boxing Confederation (AFBC) gears up for its highly anticipated Extraordinary Congress, poised to take place at the Africa Union Conference Center in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Boxing Federation (EBF) announced the arrival of nine AFBC board members in the Ethiopian capital, joining forces to ensure the congress proceeds flawlessly.

Representatives from a total of 47 AFBC member countries are set to participate in the Congress, casting their votes in the upcoming election, amplifying the importance of the event.

With participants from around the world, including notable figures like International Boxing Federation (IBA) President Umar Kremlev and other high-ranking officials, the event sets the stage for a significant moment in the sport’s landscape.

A highlight of the Congress lies within the race for the prestigious position of AFBC President.

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Eyasu Wessen, the president of Ethiopia’s Boxing Federation and Chairman of Omotic Business Group, emerged as a strong candidate, marking the first Ethiopian to vie for the role. His candidacy has stirred excitement and anticipation among boxing enthusiasts in Ethiopia and across Africa.

Eyasu has expressed unwavering dedication to transforming the AFBC into a vibrant and responsible organization that propels boxing in Africa forward. His core priorities include bolstering the organizations financial capabilities, empowering African boxing federations, and uplifting underperforming federations, all aimed at enhancing the sport’s landscape across the continent.

With a focus on combating corruption within the sport and expanding boxing competitions throughout Africa, Eyasu envisions a future that provides increased opportunities for boxers to shine.

During a press conference, he emphasized his commitment to diversifying and increasing the frequency of boxing tournaments, catering to a range of skill levels and offering a platform for talent to be showcased.

The new AFBC President will serve a four-year term.

Eyasu faces strong competition from two other nominees, representing Cameroon and Morocco, adding intensity to the race for the top leadership position in African boxing.

Other contenders have dropped out in favor of Eyasu.

As the Congress commences, stakeholders in the boxing community eagerly anticipate the election results that will set the course for African boxing’s future trajectory and its pursuit of excellence on the global stage.

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