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SportAddis gears upfor int’l junior tennis showdown

Addis gears upfor int’l junior tennis showdown

Addis Ababa is set to host to the highly anticipated J30 World Junior Tennis Tournament. Excitement is building as the tournament approaches from November 27 to December 9, 2023. With the Ethiopian Tennis Federation (ETF) and Addis Ababa Tennis working tirelessly behind the scenes, preparations are in full swing to deliver a world-class event on the international stage.

Bringing together aspiring tennis stars aged 13 to 18 from across the globe, the tournament promises to be a thrilling battle of skills and determination. A remarkable turnout is expected, with more than 40 players representing 20 different nations eagerly preparing to compete for glory.

The confirmed participant nations include India, Israel, Australia, the US, Spain, Finland, Egypt, Poland, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

These countries athletes will converge at the Addis Ababa Tennis Club, an institution that has stood for over half a century. The Club is joining forces with the Ethiopian Tennis Federation in organizing this event.

Ethiopia, alongside the likes of Togo, Zimbabwe, and Morocco, assumes a place as the host of the tennis championship.

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Beyond the thrill of the game, the significance of hosting this international tournament extends beyond the tennis court. Ethiopian coaches and players stand to gain invaluable experience by competing against their international counterparts, broadening their horizons and honing their skills on the global stage.

The event also presents a unique opportunity for Ethiopian umpires to participate at an international level, enhancing their expertise and fostering growth within the local tennis community.

Ethiopia’s foray into sports tourism is also set to receive a considerable boost, with the tournament expected to generate a substantial influx of foreign currency. Estimates suggest that the arrival of competing nations, with their travel, accommodation, and various other services, could contribute a substantial sum of forex.

Michael Niguse, the Orange Sports Manager, shed light on the meticulous preparations for this year’s tournament.

Building on the success of Ethiopia’s previous international tennis event, organizers, he says, have secured alternative tennis courts, ensuring a seamless experience for players and spectators alike.

Ethiopia’s strengthening partnership with the International Tennis Federation has also yielded substantial benefits, withthe Tennis Federation potentially receiving a financial support of USD 50,000.

While Ethiopia boasts a wealth of existing tennis infrastructure, Michael emphasized the need to optimize these facilities fully. However, plans are also underway to expand the sport within schools, establish tennis clubs, and organize local competitions.

It is worth noting that the Tennis Federation successfully hosted the international junior circuit championships in Addis Ababa last year, drawing participation from over 28 countries. More than 50 talented young players under the age of 18 vied for supremacy in this highly competitive championship.

The ITF organized accommodations, transportation, logistics, playing equipment, and referees, in a bid to deliver a seamless and unforgettable tournament experience.

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