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Speak Your MindThe myth of more with less

The myth of more with less

Who wouldn’t want to achieve more with less? Spend less time studying for exams and still earn top grades. Invest less money in your business and still rake in massive profits. Dedicate less time to your children and still receive abundant love, affection, and intimacy. Allocate fewer resources to your relationships and still maintain functional and harmonious connections with those around you.

It sounds appealing, doesn’t it? But does reality align with these expectations?

Over the past weekend, I attended an event designed to provide children with a taste of traditional Ethiopian fun. This well-publicized affair in Addis Ababa promised an abundance of excitement and enjoyment for our little ones—it was an opportunity too enticing to overlook.

In today’s world, children living in cramped compounds and apartments have limited opportunities to play outdoors. Instead, they often rely on YouTube videos or children’s movies on TV, missing out on the joys of frolicking in playgrounds under the warm sun and reveling in nature’s wonders. Hence, occasions like these are truly precious.

Parents are determined not to let them slip away, and nor are our children. If our kids catch wind of such events through advertisements and inquire about them, we can almost guarantee that we’ll be taking them there.

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However, in my opinion, this event, which held so much promise for our children, turned out to be a bitter disappointment. The number of participating children and the assortment of games and entertainment options on offer were simply incomparable. Particularly for those arriving after 10 AM, a substantial amount of time would be wasted waiting in long queues for each entertainment activity.

Adding insult to injury, the scorching sun beat down relentlessly as we stood in those interminable lines, making us yearn for a swift escape. Everywhere you looked, queues stretched on endlessly! To illustrate, there were only two trampolines for a queue of over 20 children eagerly waiting to take their turn.

Now, I have to ask: was this the first time such an event was organized? No! If this wasn’t so, shouldn’t the organizers have been able to estimate the average number of children likely to attend based on their prior experiences with similar events? Most certainly! So why did they fail to arrange an appropriate number of games and entertainment options that would cater to the expected attendance?

Personally, I believe it boils down to cost-cutting. It’s about hoping to get more while investing less. But can the substantial profits generated from minimal investment be sustained in the long run?

Absolutely not! If you were to ask me whether I’d ever consider taking my children to such an event again, my answer would be a resounding no! If many parents start sharing my sentiment, it won’t be long before the event fades into oblivion.

In my opinion, this desire to achieve more with less appears to be a prevailing mindset in many Ethiopian businesses. Only the initial investment seems to matter, and there’s often little importance placed on continuous efforts to improve the business and keep customers coming back. Could this be the reason why we don’t have many businesses that endure for generations?

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