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SportEthiopian athletes face bans for anti-doping violations as Authority issues warning

Ethiopian athletes face bans for anti-doping violations as Authority issues warning

The Ethiopian Anti-Doping Authority has raised a red flag for the sports community, sounding the alarm on the rampant use of banned stimulants.

In a recent statement, the Authority revealed that 10 athletes are currently under investigation for suspected use of these prohibited substances.

Emphasizing the urgent need for a robust system to deter individuals and entities from evading legal consequences, the Authority called for heightened measures against illegal activities associated with stimulant use.

To bolster the enforcement of anti-doping laws, the authority has taken decisive actions against those found in violation.

In 2023, 10 athletes were suspected of using prohibited stimulants, and their cases are presently under investigation. Eight athletes have been found guilty of breaching anti-doping regulations and have received bans ranging from one and a half to four years, effectively preventing their participation in any sports competitions. Two athletes have also been temporarily suspended, pending further investigation.

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However, the repercussions extend beyond the athletes themselves.

The Authority has put its foot down against those involved in the illicit sale of prohibited stimulants and the facilitation of their use among athletes, including pharmacies and medical institutions.

The statement highlights that administrative measures, such as lengthy suspensions and complete license cancellations, have been implemented.

In a bid to ensure accountability, the Anti-Doping Authority has initiated legal proceedings against various professionals who have violated anti-doping regulations.

The Authority has also partnered with law enforcement bodies, such as the Ethiopian Federal Police and the Food and Drug Control Authority, to establish a joint coordination system.

This collaborative effort aims to investigate legal violations, impose appropriate administrative measures, and ensure criminal liability, as prescribed by Article 526 of the country’s Criminal Code.

The Authority urges all stakeholders to contribute constructively to this ongoing endeavor.

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