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SportNew era beckons for women’s U-17 National Team as Rawda takes the...

New era beckons for women’s U-17 National Team as Rawda takes the reigns

In a remarkable stride for Ethiopian women’s football, Rawda Ali, a former player of the Ethiopian Women’s National Team, has assumed the role of head coach for the country’s under-17 national team.

Currently holding the position of head coach at St. George, Coach Rawda has been entrusted with the crucial task of nurturing Ethiopia’s budding talents as they prepare for the upcoming Women’s Under-17 World Cup qualifiers.

Coach Rawda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position. Her time representing the Ethiopian women’s national team, known as the Lucy’s, during her playing career has endowed her with a profound comprehension of the game and the unique challenges faced by young players. With an illustrious club career that includes stints at Yeka Michael, Queen’s College, Ethiopia Coffee, Mert Gebiya, and St. George’s women’s teams, Rawda has honed her skills as a player and acquired invaluable insights into the intricacies of the sport.

Her extensive playing experience, coupled with her coaching acumen, is poised to inspire and motivate the under-17 national team, instilling them with the fortitude to compete against formidable opponents and perform at the pinnacle of their abilities.

Under her guidance, the team aspires to make an indelible mark in World Cup qualifiers, commencing with a momentous clash against South Africa in February. These qualifiers serve as a crucial stepping stone for young players to exhibit their talent and potentially secure a coveted spot in the esteemed international tournament.

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The appointment of Coach Rawda reflects Ethiopia’s unwavering commitment to the advancement of women’s football and the nurturing of emerging talents within the nation.

At the core of Coach Rawda’s coaching philosophy lies the development of players’ technical prowess, tactical acuity, and overall fitness, all while placing a strong emphasis on teamwork and discipline. With the aim of forging a cohesive unit that exhibits an enticing and effective style of football, Rawda endeavors to unveil the immense potential of Ethiopian women’s football on the global stage.

The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) expressed unwavering confidence in Rawda’s ability to guide the under-17 national team to resounding success. The Federation firmly believes that her appointment will not only have a positive impact on the team’s performance but also contribute to the holistic growth and development of women’s football in Ethiopia.

As the Women’s Under-17 World Cup qualifiers draw near, the spotlight will be firmly fixed on the new appointee and her exceptionally talented squad, as they endeavor to etch their names onto the international stage.

Ethiopian football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the team’s progress and ardently hope for a triumphant campaign under their new head coach.

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