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Speak Your MindHarnessing the power of communication

Harnessing the power of communication

Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have. I cannot emphasize enough the power of communication. People should communicate with each other, be transparent, and eliminate surprises, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations. Transparent, honest communication undoubtedly makes our lives easier. People who are willing to be open about things are, in my view, setting themselves up for success in relationships. Personally, I consider transparent and honest individuals to be winners.

Of course, oversharing every fleeting thought can cause problems. Some thoughts are better kept private. People should not blurt out everything that comes to mind. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if everyone lacked a filter and spoke their minds freely.

Culture also plays a role in determining what should be said aloud and what should remain internalized. In Ethiopia, it seems that most things are preferred to be left unsaid rather than expressed. If you are someone who prefers openness and detailed communication, you might face social reprimand. In more severe cases, you could even face punishments beyond mere social disapproval. I’ve noticed that many people choose to remain silent on numerous matters. Unfortunately, transparency is not actively encouraged.

However, effective communication relies on both the willingness and ability to communicate. In our case, the lack of willingness stands out as the primary issue. I firmly believe that relationships cannot thrive in an environment devoid of good communication. This claim applies to all types of relationships, including those between parents and children, friends and family, coworkers and teams, supervisors and subordinates, and, of course, between a government and its people.

Communication is what builds trust among the parties involved. When one or more parties withhold information, trust diminishes among the rest. Misunderstandings, speculation, and rumors take root, leading people to make decisions based not on the truth but on their own interpretations of it.

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With effective communication, people can understand where they stand and what they are dealing with. They can approach the truth more closely. When a government is dishonest with its people, individuals begin to form their own versions of the truth about their leaders. Trust evaporates not only between the people and the government but also among the people themselves. Everyone’s vision becomes clouded, making decisions in a hazy atmosphere.

Nobody is perfect, and perfection cannot be expected. When people acknowledge their weaknesses and openly discuss them, sympathetic listeners are willing to understand and offer a helping hand. The listener and the one being heard form a team. However, when people try to portray a false picture of themselves, the truth eventually emerges, leading to disappointment and resentment. So, why not speak the truth? Why not be honest?

People fear being judged if they are open about things. They worry about disappointing others with the truth. However, in my view, what is more disappointing than the truth itself is being deceived about the truth. Let’s be honest, communicate openly with each other, and eradicate mistrust among ourselves!

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