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CommentaryEnhancing the potential, marketing of soybean through Tempeh Training

Enhancing the potential, marketing of soybean through Tempeh Training

Ethiopia holds significant potential in the soybean industry, with a large number of soybean plants cultivated in the country. However, challenges such as the lack of technology and effective marketing strategies have hindered the growth of this sector. Nevertheless, recent collaborative efforts between the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Addis Ababa and Madda Walabu University have brought new hope to the soybean industry in Ethiopia.

A training program focused on tempeh production, organized by the Embassy of Indonesia in collaboration with several universities in Ethiopia, has made a significant contribution in improving the production process and enhancing the value and marketing of soybean products. The training has involved trainers from the Indonesian Embassy who have shared their expertise in preparing soy-based dishes for domestic consumption and export.
The successful tempeh training at Harambee University, with the participation of Feyissa Ararssa, the founder of Harambee Group, and senior officials from Harambee University on January 17, 2024, played a crucial role in the development of this industry.

Bekele Shibru (PhD), a renowned lecturer at ASTU and Harambee University, who has been involved in this program, has highlighted the untapped potential of soybeans in Ethiopia. With increased knowledge and skills through this training, it is expected that the soybean industry can overcome the challenges it faces and achieve better growth.

Furthermore, on February 1, 2024, under the leadership of Ahmed Kelil Aliyi (PhD), Madda Walabu University has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting the development of the agricultural sector in Ethiopia and harness agricultural opportunities.
The university hosted a training program on tempeh production using soybeans as the main ingredient, with the necessary support and facilities provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Addis Ababa.

The training participants have shown great enthusiasm in learning how to make tempeh, considering it a promising business opportunity in Ethiopia. They realize that by harnessing the potential of soybeans, they can enhance the value of their products and expand export markets.

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The next step planned by the Ambassador of Indonesia, Al Busyra Basnur, is to expand the benefits of this training by organizing tempeh-making workshops in Hawassa city and other regions in Ethiopia. This step aims to further promote the growth of the soybean industry nationwide, empower farmers and entrepreneurs, and create broader economic opportunities.

By providing the necessary skills and knowledge to farmers and entrepreneurs, this training program strives to unlock the full potential of soybeans in Ethiopia. It is hoped that this program can contribute to the country’s economic development by enhancing the value of agricultural products and expanding export opportunities.

The collaboration between the Embassy in Addis Ababa, Harambee University, and Madda Walabu University is evidence of a strong partnership between the two countries. It is hoped that this collaboration will bring long-term benefits to Ethiopia’s agricultural sector and economy, ultimately improving the well-being of many people in the country.
When we look at the efforts being made to enhance the value and marketing of soybean products through tempeh training, we can feel optimistic about the future of the soybean industry in Ethiopia. With the right support, resources, and knowledge, Ethiopia has the potential to become a major player in the global soybean market, benefiting farmers and the national economy.

By Tomy Satria W

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