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SportGofere enlists Abraham Mebratu as brand ambassador

Gofere enlists Abraham Mebratu as brand ambassador

Leading Ethiopian sports apparel manufacturer Gofere has signed acclaimed coach Abraham Mebratu to a three-year brand ambassadorship, with the partnership aiming to further the company’s community efforts beyond product promotion.

According to statements from Gofere founder Samuel Mekonon, the partnership aims higher than typical promotional arrangements.

In a joint statement, Gofere founder Samuel Mekonon said the agreement focuses on youth development initiatives, distinguishing it from typical celebrity endorsements. Samuel emphasized Gofere’s history of supporting training programs and said this deal continues that mission. The announcement was delayed by a few months as Abraham fulfilled duties with African governing bodies.

Abrahamstated that the role goes beyond marketing. Central to the terms is ensuring equal access to football for all genders through the Ethiopian Football Federation’s pilot programs.

As one of the leading suppliers of team kits, Gofere equips numerous clubs and athletics teams in Ethiopia and has also provided gear in regional markets.

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Abraham, a former coach of Ethiopia’s national team and Bahir Dar City FC, holds esteemed credentials as a Confederation of African Football elite instructor recognized by FIFA. With 211 member nations, football’s global body considers experts’ contributions when selecting professionals.

In his role, Abrahamis responsiblefor developing training curriculums for technical directors and instructors, advise nations on development initiatives, monitor programs, and prepare documents for FIFA’s new development program. He also serves as a technical expert at continental championships.

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