Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sidama IPDC generates USD 338,000 in revenues

Sidama Industrial Parks Development Corporation (SIPDC) reported revenues exceeding USD 338,000 from exports of avocado oil and processed milk products. The Corporationachieved these results over a six-month period, despite having operational difficulties.

Petros Markos, director of Business Development and Communication emphasized the contributions of three key companies operating in both domestic and foreign markets. Looking towards the future, there is growing interest from both local and international investors to participate in activities within the park.

The Director revealed successful agreements with 28 local projects already signed, and highlighted the creation of both permanent and temporary jobs.

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The Corporation controls Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (Yirgalem IAIP) which is located about 315km south of Addis Ababa) in south-central Sidama Region. The park, which sits on 294.5 hectares, focuses on processing organic products of dairy, avocado and coffee for the export markets.

SIPDC also manages the 3 Rural Transformation Centers (RTCs) which are situated within a 100-kilometer radius of the park at Bensa Daye, Aletawondo and Morocho. These RTCs serve as a linkage to Yirgalem IAIP in terms of raw material supply.


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