Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    SportFasil City earns topflight promotion

    Fasil City earns topflight promotion


    One of the oldest clubs in North Ethiopia, Fasil City, have secured promotion to the Ethiopian Premier League after beating the Addis Ababa outfit, Ethiopia Insurance, 1-0 in Gondar in round 26 of the Ethiopia Higher League.

    Fasil City was unbeaten since the league started and regained promotion after eight years. Fasil only needed a win to secure a spot in the topflight league season as avid fans packed the Atse Fasiledes Stadium hours before kickoff.

    The match officials extended the kickoff time due to heavy rains pouring in the stadium. Yisak Mekuria struck the only goal for “the Emperors” as they topped the league with 57 points.

    “Our unity is amazing and we formed a solid team. That is the only secret that made us the champions,” Coach Zemariyam Woldegiorgis told The Reporter. He described his team as “composed of young players which should have been playing for the premier league since a few years ago”.

    According to the coach, the success of his team is also fuelled by the unreserved support of the fans.

    Fasil City has four remaining matches in hand against Wolwalo Adigrat, Houskod, Woldiya City and Axum City. Woldiya City is placed 2nd with 25 points with a great chance of returning to the Ethiopian Premier League sext season. 

    Fasil gained promotion with four games in hand. The club last played in the Ethiopian Premier League eight years ago during the second Ethiopian Millennium. It was a great pleasure for fans to see Fasil City representing Gonder following the relegation of their city rivals Dashen Beer.

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