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NewsRehabilitation Commissioner Teshome Toga resigns for "personal reasons"

Rehabilitation Commissioner Teshome Toga resigns for “personal reasons”

Ethiopia’s founding Commissioner for Rehabilitation, Teshome Toga (Amb.), has resigned after 14 months at the helm of a three-year disarmament and rehabilitation program.

Temesgen Tilahun, former deputy at the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) and foreign policy advisor to the Prime Minister, has already replaced Teshome, whose resignation was effective on March 12, 2024.

Teshome resigned for “personal reasons,” according to a statement from the Commission.

Rehabilitation Commissioner Teshome Toga resigns for "personal reasons" | The Reporter | #1 Latest Ethiopian News Today
Temesgen Tilahun

Tesfalem Yehdego replaces Atenkut Mezgebe (PhD) as Deputy Commissioner.

A veteran diplomat and politician who has served as Speaker of Parliament and headed several diplomatic missions, Teshome was named head of the Rehabilitation Commission in January 2023 following the signing of the Pretoria Agreement.

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The Commission is tasked with rehabilitating hundreds of thousands of former combatants into civilian life by 2026.

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