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Ethio-Djibouti railway to conduct test in September

The Ethio-Djibouti Railway project, one of the flagship infrastructure projects in Ethiopia, is ready to conduct its final testing in September, it was learnt.

Thus far, some 85 percent of the power supply line of Ethio-Djibouti Railway is finalized, according to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The overall performance of the railway project has reached 98 percent as the laying of the rail, and construction of stations as well as electro mechanical work is completed, EEP said.

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The project which consumed 3.4 billion USD will carry out trial run this September, according to Ethiopian Railway Corporation sources.

EEP External Relations Director, Misikir Negash told ENA that 20 power distribution stations are under construction in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Upon completion of the 17 power distribution stations in Ethiopia and the remaining stations in Djobouti, they will have the capacity to supply 132 and 230 kilovolts, he added.

The power supply project cost over 74 million USD.

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The whole railway project has so far created over one thousand jobs. (ENA)

EU, Germany launch close to EUR 4 mln project to support agriculture

A 3.8-million Euros project that supports responsible agricultural investment in Ethiopia was launched on Thursday.

Financed by European Union (EU) and the Government of Germany, the project will be implemented by the Ethiopian Agricultural Investment and Land Administration Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR), according to a statement issued by the EU.

The project will contribute to establish an accountable, conducive and transparent framework for socially and environmentally responsible and productive agricultural investments benefiting local communities and economies, the statement said.

It will also support the development of a regulatory framework for equitable access to land and secure land tenure for all segments of Ethiopian society while establishing mechanisms to facilitate productive investments in agriculture by national and international private investors, the statement said.

Large-scale agricultural investments in Ethiopia are expected to bring foreign currency and transfer technology to the country.

Of the total fund, EU raised three million Euros while Germany participated in financing the remaining 800,000 Euros. (Press Release)

Ministry privatizes one farm during completed budget year

The Ministry of Public Enterprises said that is has transferred one agricultural farm Enterprises to a private owner during the completed budget year.

Despite its plan to transfer 10 organizations during the stated period, the Ministry managed to transfer only one organization, the ministry said.

Silea Agriculture Development Organization, which was formerly under North Omo Agriculture Development Organization, is transferred to Lucy Agriculture Development Organization with 59.7 million birr payment.

The organization has paid 35 percent down payment and the remaining payment is to be completed in five years.

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Lucy Agriculture Development Organization used to operate the organization via a rental contract and this has helped it to have priority in a bid to privatize it.

Lack of bidders due to the high price and other factors has hindered the Ministry from transferring more organizations as scheduled, he said.

In the bidding process of organizations which are jointly owned by the government and private owners, the private owners shall be given priority, the ministry noted.

Morocco to return to AU after 32 years

Morocco has decided to return to the African Union (AU) after staying away from the Union for 32 years, a Moroccan newspaper Akhbar Alyoum said yesterday.
“A diplomatic source approached by Akhbar Al Yaoum has confirmed that the desire of Morocco to resume its seat in the pan-African organization,” the paper reported.

The African Union, which replaced the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 2001, includes all 54 African states besides Morocco which are also members of the United Nations.

Morocco decided to withdraw from the continental organization in 1984 after the OAU accepted the self-proclaimed Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD) as full-fledged member state.

According to the same source, this historic move is anticipated to be announced during the 27th AU Summit scheduled to take place in Rwandan capital of Kigali on July 17-18.

In preparation for the event, Morocco’ foreign Minister Salahedine Mezouar has visited several African capitals, including Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Senegal, Tunisia Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, and Ethiopia. (Morocco World News)

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