Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Identity photographs, film exhibition @ Morning Star Mall

A photograph and film exhibition entitled “Identity” was opened on July 20 at Morning Star Mall on the third floor.

Organized by Redeemedia this exhibition is a collection of artistic photographs and short films that will depict how everyone yearns for self-definition and self-understanding. According to the organizer, human’s primary impulse is to find and create meaning, develop a conception of which human beings are, the purpose of human existence and the alternative way to live. Through social interaction human beings develop an identity, which express their wholesome existence. “Identity determines how we see ourselves and conceive our position in the world, how other see or classify us, and how we choose to engage with those around us,” reads the organizer’s statement.

This exhibition will bring the layers of identities, how identities are created and the makeup of identity people take for granted.

Asiko International Art Program @ Meles Foundation

The 6th edition of Asiko International Art Program is taking place from June 27 to July 30 at Meles foundation. In 2010, Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos began an innovative program with the aim of filling the gap in the educational system in Nigeria and many African countries, which tend to ignore the critical methodologies and histories that underpin artistic practice. Using the format part art workshop, part residency and part art academy over the course of 30 days, the art school program will focus partially on technique primarily on methodology, critical thinking and the implementation of conceptual ideas. In this year’s edition, 15 visual artists from various corners of the continent are part of this intensive creative process. In addition to the participants, various academics, renowned artists and scholars are part of this event. The Nigerian-American writer and photographer Teju Cole is one of the facilitators of this event. Teju Cole is the author of Every Day is for the Thief, which was shortlisted for the PEN/Open Book Award and Open City, which won the PEN/Hemingway Award and the Internationaler Litraturpeis, and was shortlisted for the National Book Critics Award.

Robin De Bois @ Alliance Ethio-Française

The French musical Robin De Bois was screened on June 7 at Alliance Ethio-Françiase. Robin De Bois is a major French musical production that premiered on 2013. In this amended version of Robin Hood, Robin and Marianne (Maid Marian) have decided to end their relationship. Fifteen years later, they both are leaders of their own groups, in two separated parts of the country. Marianne lives with Adrien, the boy she had with Robin, but Robin does not know about him. After another attack from the Sheriff’s army, Marianne requests Robin’s help to save her group and their houses. Adrien, though, now 15, falls in love with the daughter of Sherif de Nottingham (Sheriff of Nottingham, the avowed enemy of Robin. When the Sheriff realizes that Adrien is Robin’s son, he decides to imprison the young boy, despite the feelings his daughter has toward him. Robin launches a rescue operation with the help of his followers and notably Little John and Friar Tuck played by Nyco Lilliu.

Mahmoud Ahmed to receive French cultural honor

Renowned Ethiopian musician Mahmoud Ahmed is to receive France’s Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters, one of the country’s premier, national, cultural honors. The artist is to be given the award on July 20 at the French Embassy in Addis Ababa, an award which was created in 1957 to recognize artists and cultural figures. Ethiopia’s iconic musician and an internationally acclaimed artist, Mahmoud has been promoting Ethiopian culture at home and in the west for decades. With dazzling combinations of unforgettable Amharic lyrics, tone and melody Mahmoud’s soulful body of work ranging from recordings like Almaz (1973), Alemye (1974), Ere Mela Mela (1975), Tezeta (1975) is not only part of his personal legacy but also part of a wider heritage collection; a valuable part of Ethiopia’s musical history and cultural heritage. Some weeks ago, art curator and anthropologist Meskerem Assegued and traditional eskista dancer Melaku Belay revived the honor at a gala ceremony at the embassy.

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