Wednesday, July 17, 2024
SportMechal urges citizens for unwavering support

Mechal urges citizens for unwavering support

Mechal Sports Club, founded in 1944 as the “Defense Force,” is calling on citizens to provide comprehensive support to help restore and enhance its former glory and reputation.

This appeal was made during the Ministry of National Defence’s 80th-anniversary celebration on Monday, June 20, 2024. During a discussion forum, attendees highlighted Mechal Sports Club’s significant impact on Ethiopian sports history and its strong public connection with the Defense Forces.

Board Chairman of Mechal Sports Club, Seife Getahun (PhD), announced that seven months ago, a board of investors and regional representatives was formed, and they are collaborating to rejuvenate the club’s prominence.

He also emphasized the need to enhance Mechal Sports Club’s management system to adhere to scientific principles. According to him, the board and other stakeholders are actively working towards ensuring the club’s sustainability through self-generated income.

During the discussion forum attended also by former players and club leaders, including Belay Dejene Head of Addis Ababa Youth and Sports Bureau, it was highlighted that Mechal Sports Club has played an indispensable role in Ethiopian sports development since its establishment.

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He stressed that the club is still continue to follow the same path.

Mechal Sports Club has not only excelled in football but has also produced athletes who have significantly enhanced Ethiopia’s reputation in athletics.

During discussions, plans were unveiled to establish a sustainable and autonomous sports club that both the public and the military can take pride in. Participants emphasized the club’s ambition to maintain its status among the top 10 teams in Africa over the next five years.

Furthermore, it was announced that a fundraising initiative aimed at strengthening Mechal Sports Club commenced on June 8, 2024. Various programs have been organized as part of this effort, which will continue until July 7, 2024, to bolster the club’s capabilities.



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