Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Google’s Pixel Buds

Late last year, Google has introduced new ear buds called “Pixel Buds,” and they are changing the world. The earbuds are multifunctional, meaning they can send texts, shuffle music, change volume, answer your Google questions, and even provide translations. The Google Pixel Buds can connect to any Google Pixel device or Android. Unfortunately, it will not connect with any Apple products.

Probably the most extraordinary feature of the Pixel Buds is their ability to translate words or phrases into different languages. However, the user has to keep in mind that the translation capacity is only available when using a Google Pixel phone. The Pixel Buds have the capacity to translate into 40 languages. In a way, this allows them to act as your own private translator. For example, if you go to Germany but do not speak the language, then you need a translator or someone who speaks in English to converse with. By pressing the right earbud of the Pixel Buds, the Google Assistant will help you say your desired word or phrase. Problem solved!    

The Pixel Buds have several features that will make them desirable to potential buyers and can cause high competition among other brands, such as Sony, Bose and Beats by Dr. Dre. The Pixel Buds’ battery lasts up to five hours, complete with a charger that can last up to 24 hours, allowing the user the ability to earbuds to charge multiple times if necessary. The Google Pixel Buds focus on your voice and even boast noise-cancelling technology. They are also comfortable on the ears and can produce great sound.

While the Google Pixel Buds are labeled as wireless, the buyer must be aware that the wire is still present on the buds – it hangs down around the neck. This feature is great if you want to use them while working out, especially running around the block, or just on a treadmill at the gym. The Google Pixel Buds come complete with Bluetooth technology. If you want to disconnect from Bluetooth, just simply press the buds once, and it turns off.  Even though it is not truly wireless, it is not inconvenient. In fact, the wire also functions as a stabilizer on each outer ear. It makes the Pixel Buds feel more secure.

The Pixel Buds arrive in a fabric-shell enclosure that serves as its charging base. The fabric-shell looks cheap but easily slides into a pocket. Pulling the headphones from their case doesn’t require much effort but putting them back requires you to learn how to correctly put the cable to make things fit nicely.

Most people ask for comparison between Pixel Buds vs. Apple’s AirPods. Here is my take. In general, wireless earbuds are not great for music. Pixel Buds sound a little better than AirPods and they’re also loaded with intelligence like Google Assistant and real-time translation features that could change communication as we know it. Pixel Buds and Apple’s AirPods share many similarities and differences.

They both cost USD 159, compared to other wireless earbuds, like the Samsung Gear IconX, which costs USD 199 or more. They have similar battery life on a single charge which is about five hours. They both come with charging cases. Both the AirPods and Pixel Buds come with special technology that helps them pair faster with phones. They use easy integration methods compared to the regular Bluetooth settings.

Now for the differences. As I stated above, Pixel Buds aren’t wireless while AirPods are. Pixel Buds have a cable that connects the two earbuds together. Look wise, Pixel Buds looks stylish compared to the stem-like appearance of the Airpods.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of Pixel Buds over other competitors including AirPods is its integration with Google Assistant and Google Translate. You can easily activate the Google Assistant and use it for playing a song, opening an app. In addition, it allows you to ask for things like the weather, news, sport scores, etc. Last but not least, it helps translate words and phrases.

Ed.’s Note: Michelle S. Alemu is an Ethiopian-American High School Student at St. Charles North High School, IL, US. 

Contributed by Michelle S. Alemu


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