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Auditor General gets new deputy

The Federal office of the Auditor General has got its third deputy Auditor General who will be exclusively responsible for overseeing the audit of Information Technology among federal government institutions. The appointment has come after the Houses of People’s Representatives (HPR) on Thursday endorsed Meseret Damte who was nominated by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn.

Little kown Meseret has been working for various organizations in the financial administrations and related fields for over two decades. According to her background document attached to her nomination letter that was sent to the Houses, Mesert, 43, graduated from Civil Service University with Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Before her latest appointment as deputy of the Auditor General, she has been working for Ethiopian Revenue and Custom Authority (ERCA) as head of Human Resources division since 2014 until now as well as Deputy Director for Higher taxpayer’s office of the authority.

In addition, she had also worked for various federal, Regional and Private organizations. (Compiled by Yonas Abiye)

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Agency revokes licenses of over 100 charities, societies

Ethiopian Charities and Civil Societies Agency disclosed that it has annulled the licenses of 108 charities and societies, out of which 14 are foreign.

In addition, 167 organizations were given written warnings and ordered to amend their ways.

This was revealed at a consultative meeting that was opened on Thursday to discuss development activities of charities and societies in Ethiopia.

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Presenting its nine-month performance report, Charities and Civil Societies Agency’s Deputy Communication Director, Assefa Tesfaye, said that there are many organizations that are engaged in activities beyond the objectives of their organizations, opened bank accounts without the permission of the agency and did not submit annual reports as well as have not declared their source of finance.

Over the past nine months, the agency has taken measures on a total of 275 organizations that did not abide by the rule.

There are more than 3,000 local and foreign charities and societies in Ethiopia, it was learned. (ENA)

Authority to change drivers licensing procedure

The Federal Transport Authority (FTA) said that it intends to renew the current drivers’ licensing procedure in a way that can ensure competence of every individual who is behind the wheels.

Director of the Authority, Kassahun Hailemariam, said that the new procedure will make sure that one has the necessary knowledge and skills in order to have a driving license.

He noted that the intended procedural overhaul will fill the gaps observed in the current licensing procedure.

Kassahun added that more than 86 percent of traffic accidents in the country are caused by incompetence and lack of ethical considerations.

Kassahun said that the intended procedure will fill such gaps on the part of the drivers.

The draft procedure has been sent to the Ministry of Transport, according to the same source.

Currently, over 670,000 vehicles operate in Ethiopian. In the past nine months, close to 13,000 traffic accidents have occurred and killed about three thousand people while properties worth millions have been destroyed. (WIC)

East Africa Metals initiates mine permitting for Terakimti oxide gold in Tigrai

East Africa Metals Inc. announced on Thursday that it has initiated the process to obtain a mining permit for the Terakimti Oxide Gold Project at the Company’s 70 percent owned Harvest Project, located in the Tigray Regional State.

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The recent metallurgical test work results combined with previously disclosed technical information and an internal Company engineering study in support of the development of a mineral resource estimate, the Company has now completed the technical, environmental and socio-economic documentation to qualify the Terakimti Oxide Gold Project for submission of a mine permit application to the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines, Petroleum, and Natural Gas.

An independent Environmental Impact and Socio-Economic Assessment (“EISA”) study has been completed by Beles Engineering plc in Ethiopia, and forms an integral part of the mine permit application.

The Terakimti project is located in the Tigray Region of Northern Ethiopia, approximately 600 km north of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. (Marketwired)

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