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PoliticsArtilleries snatched during the state of emergency

Artilleries snatched during the state of emergency

Siraj Fegessa, head of the Secretariat of the Command Post, which was established to oversee the implementation of the state of emergency, who is also Minister of Defense, announced today March 7 that artilleries of security forces have been snatched since the state of emergency was announced. He also said that 17 members of the security have sustained injuries from violent mobs around the country.

Siraj also said that one factory has been set on fire and 10 public buses were damaged beyond repair.

The aftermath of the announcement of the state of emergency saw road blockades and Siraj said that currently 80-90 percent of the roads in the country have been opened except for roads from Addis Ababa to Nekemte and Assosa.

The minister also disclosed that there were also people detained, although the number was not disclosed.

Siraj warned that people should not be taken by the thought that the government had been weakened. He said that the government is much stronger than it has been.

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