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Japanese pharmaceutical company sees investment in Ethiopia

A Japanese Pharmaceutical Company is considering manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Ethiopia.

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Aklilu Hailemichael held talks on Tuesday with a delegation from the Japanese Rohto Pharmaceutical Company about realizing the company’s aspiration.

Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Deputy General Manager and delegation head Shunhun Yan told journalists that they came to Ethiopia to explore opportunities in pharmaceutical and health sectors.

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She added that the two sides discussed about the fertile grounds in Ethiopia to realize the plan, including the free trade access agreement that the country has signed with over 50 countries.

“We talked about free trade access with Ethiopia, like we have agreed with other countries. I believe that currently there are about 50 countries which have a free trade access agreement with Ethiopia,” Yan said.

The State Minister has expressed Ethiopia’s commitment to deliver the necessary support for the realization of the company’s plan.

Thedelegation will visit Qilinto Industrial Park and meet State Minister of Health, it was learned. (ENA)

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Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to hold meeting on GERD next month

The trilateral meeting on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which is being built in Ethiopia, will be held early next month in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Foreign and water ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt will attend the meeting that had been scheduled for last February but postponed for next month, said the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia on Wednesday.

The meeting is expected to discuss on studies regarding the impact of the dam on the downstream countries, it was noted.

In a meeting held last January on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit here in Addis Ababa, leaders of the tree countries agreed to continue their cooperation.   

During the meeting, they also agreed their respective ministers to look into issues raised regarding the dam and conduct a study within a month so as to address the issues.

They have also agreed to form a trilateral leaders’ summit to be held annually and to establish a joint infrastructure fund. (FBC)

Four TV stations to receive licenses

The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority disclosed this week that four television stations that have been operating without authorization are to be licensed soon.

Despite the restriction by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service Proclamation on foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin not to be issued license, the TV stations operated without license.

However, the ownership of the four TV stations including Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), Kana, LTV, and Nahoo televisions, which were owned by citizens of Ethiopian origin will soon be transferred to Ethiopian citizens.

Gebregiorgis Abreha, Public Relations Director at the Authority informed ENA that this year two types of licenses are to be issued.

According to Gebregiorgis, the two types of licenses cover those stations, which were broadcasting via satellite without securing inland broadcasting certificate and new radio stations, will start transmission.

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Since the four TV stations were operating outside the jurisdictions of the Broadcasting Authority, through negotiations reached with the Authority, all properties owned by the previous owners will be transferred to Ethiopian citizens. (ENA)

Czechoslovak colonel’s grave in Ethiopia to be reconstructed

The Czech embassy in Ethiopia has unveiled a reconstructed tomb of Czechoslovak army’s colonel Vitezslav Rosik who contributed to the development of the Ethiopian Air Force and died in 1955.

The grave was unveiled on Monday, when the 19th anniversary of the Czech accession to NATO was marked.

Rosik fought in World War One and he operated at the forming Czechoslovak Air Forces. During World War Two, he left to France and later Britain to fight Nazi Germany. He became a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot and he fought in the Battle of Britain.

After the Czechoslovak Communist coup in 1948, Rosik was stripped of his post in the Czechoslovak military and had to retire because of he had been a RAF pilot.

In 1949, Rosik accepted the invitation by Emperor Haile Selassie who made him an aide for the development of Ethiopian Air Force.

The Czech government provided the finances for the reconstruction of his tomb at the Ferenji Cemetery at Gulele in Addis Ababa. (The Prague Monitor)

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