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BusinessIGAD to spend USD 90 mln on a new strategic plan

IGAD to spend USD 90 mln on a new strategic plan

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has launched a new strategic plan which aims at eradicating the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB), which requires USD 70 million to USD 90 million, The Reporter has learnt.

During the validation and joint review forum held on Friday and Saturday, members of the IGAD secretariat, health sector partakers and donors met to discuss the strategic plan designed to serve for the period 2018 up to 2025.

Tsegaye Legesse (MD), senior health advisor and coordinator for the TB/HIV grant with IGAD said that the new strategic plan is absorbed mainly on eliminating the prevalence of the three stated diseases mostly epidemic to the IGAD region. According to Tsegaye, USD 70 million up to USD 90 million is the estimated amount required for the implementation of the strategic plan. 

Hence, health ministers of the IGAD community will further discuss the validated seven years plan for ratifications. The cross-border movement of people in the region is one area the new plan targets to curb the instances and out-breaks of diseases.

Desalgen Tegabu (MD), director of Policy and Planning Directorate with the Ministry of Health said that the strategic plan, among others, is poised in areas of coordination within member states to create a common clinical guide and information sharing platforms.

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Both Desalegn and Tsegaye emphasized that, refugees and pastoralists are focal communities the strategic plan considered in addressing the challenges of pandemics across the regions.

Chaired by the Government of Ethiopia, IGAD ministerial meeting on health is scheduled to take place on Monday and the actual costs of implementing the strategic plan is expected to be refined and adopted by the end of next month.  

Among the granting entities to the health sector activities of IGAD, the Switzerland-based Global Fund is a partnership organization that has invested USD four billion across countries.

To back efforts directed towards the reduction of new HIV infections, TB incidence, and HIV/TB related morbidity and mortality among cross-border and mobile population in IGAD member countries, the Global Fund has pledged to grant USD 10 million to IGAD and has disbursed USD 4.7 million to the cause.

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