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BusinessNew technology introduced to regulate CO2 emission vehicles release

New technology introduced to regulate CO2 emission vehicles release

A tiny and flappy adhesive tape sized object, which is said to be critical in regulating CO2 emissions mostly from old vehicles, is to be introduced to local customers.  

Manufactured by Tomizawa & Co. Ltd, a small Japanese company, AdPower is a unique technology developed twenty years ago, Toru Tomizawa, President, told The Reporter on Thursday, while briefing reporters about the product. According to Tomizawa, ADPower is made of special pigments, special alloy (that mainly is composed of copper) and fiber glass which help vehicles’ engines neutralize and contain CO2 emissions and in turn supplies purified oxygen via discharging electrons.

So far the technology has been introduced in 20 countries and is now going to be available in Ethiopia via a local dealer. Meleake Woldesenbet, General Manager of Elias Tesfaye Importer, said that the technology—ones evaluated and tested by the Ethiopian authorities—will be available in the local market. According to tests and evaluations conducted in Europe, AdPower helps engines to accelerate more than 40 percent on old cars, Tomizawa said.

Back in 1998, the technology was introduced following the high-level pollution Japan was exposed to from fossil fuel emissions. According to Tomizawa, AdPower has helped Japan in battling and reducing pollutions and emissions. Currently, AdPower is applied to generators, boilers or heavy machines in addition to various types of vehicles that range from passenger cars to heavy trucks that run on petroleum, diesel or natural gas. Attached on air filters, the technology also serves two wheeled vehicles.  

There are latest technologies developed to contain fossil fuel by colossal companies in the world. The US–based Tesla is known for introducing electric-powered cars. The Japanese Toyota is advancing to market hydrogen hybrid green vehicles.

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When asked how AdPower will sustain these big contenders and remain in the business, Tomizawa argued that as long as engine technology existed, AdPower remains to be one of the reliable sources of efficiency in combustion and exhaustion of engines. In addition to that, it remains sustainable in countries such as Vietnam, India, China and other developing countries. Moreover, the technology is patented in seven most advance countries of Europe including the US and Japan.

Meleake said that the unit price of AdPower is estimated to be at one thousand birr with a possible importation of few thousand pieces of the technology soon.

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