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NISS reveals it arrest Shabiya-trained insurgents

Anti-terror taskforce lead by the National Intelligence and Security Service has claimed that it has captured and killed Eritrean-backed terrorist while crossing in to the country through the southern tip of the country.

In a statement it issued on Wednesday, the task force said the the detainees were plotting to carry out terror attack in the country before it undertook operation a week ago on May 6, 2016. However, few of the undisclosed number of them have been killed after gun exchanges.

The statement also indicated that the national intelligence has been following the suspects from the beginning when they were receiving trainings by Shabiya forces in Eritrea.

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From the training the follow up continued while they were traveling to Uganda by plane and keep seeking entry point to the country through border spots in the south. However, the statement did not disclose the suspects’ specific target or their alleged plot to attack. But, the statement has indicated the alleged suspects were armed heavily with various kinds of guns.

Hailemariam attends Museveni’s inauguration

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen has joined several leaders attending the swearing in ceremony of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala on Thursday.

President Museveni was sworn in for a fifth term in office after winning the election last February.

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Leaders of South Africa, Sudan, Kenya and representatives of China and Russia were among many others who were present at the inaugural event.

Meanwhile, according to BBC western delegations attending the inauguration Museveni have walked out of the ceremony in protest.

US, European and Canadian diplomats left abruptly when Mr Museveni made disparaging comments about the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The US state department said they had also objected to the presence of Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir at the ceremony.

Bashir is wanted by the ICC on charges of genocide.

Over 60 per cent of the votes cast in the 2016 elections went to President Museveni while the opposition leader Kizza Besigye got 35 per cent of the votes.

President who is 71 is in power since 1986.

Ethio-UK commercial ties to evolve with visit by UK team

A visiting trade and investment delegation from the United Kingdom (UK) discussed with Ethiopian official on possible business and investment opportunities the country offers.

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Taye Atske-selassie received the UK delegation led by the newly- appointed UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy and MP, Richard Benyon, that arrived in Addis Ababa on Tuesday.

Through the visit, the UK delegation will gather information regarding the  many and growing commercial opportunities in Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This visit will also allow UK companies to meet with key decision makers in Ethiopian markets, and raise their profiles in the vibrant part of East Africa, it was indicated.

Ambassador Taye briefed the delegation about the numerous investment potential that Ethiopia has to offer.

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Ethiopia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa with foreign, private sector participation and investment, the Ethiopian official underscored, mentioning that the opportunity available in Ethiopia outweigh the challenges. (Ethiopian News Agency)

US conducts airstrike against Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

The US military conducted an airstrike against Al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia early Thursday, Pentagon officials said.

A very small group of US military advisers accompanied some Ugandan soldiers during a raid of an illegal taxation checkpoint in rural southern Somalia just west of Mogadishu, Pentagon spokesperson Captain Jeff Davis said.

The US was there in an advise and assist capacity, he said.

During the raid, the Ugandans came under fire from 15-20 Al-Shabaab militants and the US commander on the ground called in a “defensive” airstrike, killing five militants and wounding two more.

The US military was “nearby” at the time, Davis said, adding that they did not fire on Al-Shabaab themselves, nor were the Americans ever fired at.

A defense official said that the airstrike was conducted by an MQ-9 Predator drone that was overhead at the time and able to respond very quickly.

The US military has about 50 personnel deployed to Somalia now supporting the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). (NBC News)

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