Friday, January 27, 2023
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PoliticsUS, EU welcome Abiy’s premiership

US, EU welcome Abiy’s premiership

The European Union Mission and US Embassy in Addis have welcomed the incoming of Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as the Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

In a statement, the European Union confirmed their commitment to work with the new Prime Minister.

“The EU is looking forward to working closely with him on continued political and economic reforms, as it did with his predecessor Hailemariam Dessalegn,” reads the statement.

The Union also called upon an “inclusive dialogue with all Ethiopian stakeholders in the spirit of the Prime Minister’s remarks as well as an early lifting of the State of Emergency, will further this process.”

Abiy, 42, after his swearing-in as the head of government, was also welcomed by a number of leaders from different countries including Sudan and Egypt.

On the other hand, the US government through its embassy has also welcomed the process in which Abiy was brought to power.

“We commend the peaceful transfer of power in accordance with Ethiopia’s constitution, which the then Prime Minister Hailemariam highlighted when announcing his resignation in February as a step toward advancing political reform, and hope for a smooth transition process,” reads the statement.

In doing so, the embassy has also expressed its concern regarding the state of emergency. It is to be recalled that the embassy has strongly condemned the declaration of the State of Emergency in February, 2018.

During the approval of the SoE by the parliament, the then chairman of OPDO, Abiy Ahmed who was an MP at that time had controversially missed the meeting.

In the latest statement, the US government demanded for the lifting of the state of emergency. “We stand ready to support the government’s rapid implementation of democratic and economic reforms and look forward to the lifting of the State of Emergency,” reads the statement.

A rough road ahead of him, the newly elected PM has already got the attention of the outside world. Particularly they called on him and his government to bring reforms in many aspects. In addition, they urged him to work towards his promises of democracy, rule of law and respect for civil liberties.

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