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BusinessAdama City Administration drafts new master plan

Adama City Administration drafts new master plan

Proposes development of artificial lake

The Adama City Administration has drafted a new master plan that will expand and modernize the city.

The city administration presented the draft master plan to residents of the city, last week. Deputy Mayor of Adama town, Chala Bekele Deressa, told The Reporter that the new master plan will expand the size of the city from the current 13,000 hectare to 33,000 hectares. Chala also said 30 percent of the land will be allotted for greenery, 30 percent for infrastructure and 40 for construction (build up area).

The city administration needs 20,000 hectares of land. “Since we need additional land we will have consultations with the local administration and residents,” Chala told The Reporter. “But, we will make sure that the farmers who will be relocated will be properly compensated,” he added. The city administration will also focus on redevelopment of land in the city.   

Adama City which recently commemorated its 100th anniversary is commonly called “the jewel of the rift valley”. Located 90 km south east of Addis Ababa, Adama is a commercial and resort town. Adama is known for the spacious Sodere Resort and other popular hotels and lodges found in the city. 

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Chala highlighted that the new master plan identifies commercial centers, residential and industrial areas. He also hinted that the master plan proposes the development of an artificial lake in the city.

The city administration has finalized work on the draft master plan and last week deliberated with the residents of the city. According to Chala, comments forwarded by the residents will be incorporated in the master plan and it will be presented to the city council for endorsement. “It will be ready to the city council in a month time,” he said.

The Adama City Administration has been developing the infrastructure of the city in recent years. A water supply project has been undertaken last year. Recently, the city administration inaugurated a 3km new asphalt road and it will soon award a 4km asphalt road construction project to a contractor.

Chala said the service sector has been leading the economic development of the city. “Conference tourism, trade and manufacturing will play a major role.” 

Chala disclosed that the city administration will strive to create job opportunities for the youth in the coming years. The administration has managed to create 9000 jobs through small and micro enterprises. The Adama Industrial Park which is under development will soon be inaugurated. When the industrial park becomes fully operational it will create jobs for 80,000 citizens.

The population of Adama is estimated at 500,000. The opening of the industrial park and the growing trade and manufacturing sector is expected to increase the population. According to Chala, the Ethio-Djibouti railway line which started operation recently is contributing its share to the development of tourism and trade in the city.                

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