Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    BusinessKrones opens shop in Ethiopia

    Krones opens shop in Ethiopia


    The Krones Beverage industry Group, based in Germany, opened a Branch in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Quality, state of the art designer and technological advanced machineries.

    This is a departure from its location in Kenya which opened in 2015 and used as its base to serve its Ethiopian clients.

    The company services all beverage related companies that rely on Krones equipment. Clients include BGI, Diageo, East African bottling, Heineken and water bottling companies to help them satisfy the demands of the market. The company is known to offer an array of technical solutions for liquid materials such as soft drinks, beer and dairy products.

    A number of new production lines allocated to various customers in the beverage market, demonstrates the demand by the customers to have quality, reliable equipment to produce products for the ever-growing markets.

    Arie De Keijzer, Operations Manager of Krones Ethiopia told The Reporter; “Our mission as Krones, is to support the customer and enable him to produce the best possible products at the lowest possible cost, to the benefit of the end consumer, our people in the street, the people of Ethiopia. “We see an overwhelming potential in Ethiopia and a great mutual market for us and the companies we will be involved with.”

    Founded in 1951, the self-described “holistic systems engineering” company has offices in South Africa, Angola and Nigeria.

    The South African subsidiary also has training facilities where most of the local staff members are set to receive their training and have them meet the universal standard of the company.

    In addition to the building of state-of-the-art equipment, the company is to offer its local clients/customers with specialized technical knowledge and world-wide support at all hours from its base in Neutraubling, Germany — the headquarter of the publicly traded company. 

    Krones has exclusive technologically advanced products including its Nitro Hot Fill process that is known to produce cheaper and light weight products that is able to accommodate temperatures of up to 90 degree Celsius.

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